MRD seriously phenomenal finance deals

MRD’s Seriously phenomenal finance deals

Qualifying for a loan is harder today than in times past but we have available some very competitive *refinance offers that will save you thousands of dollars and pay off your home loan in record time.

These include:

2.25% home loan

This is a heavily discounted loan with the amount of the discount applied being loaded into a tax deductible investment property loan.
That is, you pay no more across the two loans than you currently are (perhaps less because the combined rate is so competitive) but you increase what you can claim back in taxes and pocket more take home cash flow.

Adjustable lines of credit

This type of loan gives you multiple lines of credit with an overall approved limit. As the tax deductible account nears its capacity, you can (without having to requalify or make formal applications) adjust the balances and top up your non tax deductible loan by transferring funds from the tax deductible account.
This is a great tool for aiding rapid debt reduction by being legally allowed to claw back taxes that sit in an offset account against your home loan.

Family loans

Normally when two siblings (e.g.), or perhaps a parent and child, buy a property together, each are severally liable for the entire debt. When it comes to servicing for that or a future loan, only a percentage of their 50% share of the rental income is allowed to be used.
We can offer a loan product where you each borrow 50% (or 60/40 or whatever) and are only liable for your share.

Very, very competitive rates

Aside from some of these ‘left of centre’ loan products that are used for rapid debt reduction we have access to just about any loan product out there.
We can do price requests and negotiate on your behalf to ensure the loan we secure for you is as good as you’ll find.


*Please remember that just because there is an amazing offer from a lender, it is still subject to you qualifying. Sometimes you will and sometimes we may have to go to the second, or third best offer. If that’s the case it’s still the best offer available for you – because the others weren’t.
If you would like us to look at your existing loans, your loan structures and tell you if we can do better, save you money, reduce your taxes and/or assist you to pay off your home (or other debt) faster, please leave your best contact number and contact time(s) and we’ll give you a call back.

First home owners

If you’re a first home owner, or you are the parent of one, talk with us about how we can make this process easy and painless for you.

Motor vehicle loans

Our team can source competitive finance for a wider range of things that just property; including car loans.
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Partnering with you for your investment success,

Nick Lockhart.