The MRD Property and Finance strategic plan

The mrd property and finance strategic plan

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People invest in property so their dreams and goals may become their reality over time, and for 14 years MRD has helped countless Individuals and families just like you to achieve those goals. 


Because existing and would be property investors also want to engage professionals with a proven way to help develop clear strategy, give ongoing support, ensuring they head in the right direction and stay on track, MRD is excited to introduce:

The MRD Property and Finance Strategic Plan

Why develop a strategic plan?

During our 14 years we’ve also heard many stories from frustrated property investors who had paid a financial planner to help them plan for their future, only to be told they were over-weighted in property and should "sell some and reinvest into the stock market".

In response, in 2013 we commenced MRD Financial Planning to provide specialist financial advice to property investors, however, changes to governing laws mean property specific investment advice cannot be given by financial planners

Real estate investment decisions should be the result of a bigger, overarching strategy, taking maximum advantage of your current situation and ‘’ achieving whatever you can from whatever number of accumulation years you qualify for financially.

To minimise your risk, we use a proven long term scientifically formulated method of building wealth through property, supported with planning, advice, research, acquisitions and implementation. You can minimise your risk by maximising on our expertise to grow your wealth intelligently.

We encourage your questions and engagement in the process, approaching this as a partnership, not a transaction; and at all times treating you with great respect.

To make it clear-cut we’ve developed an educational process with the following easy to understand stages so you can achieve success:

The first stage is around DISCOVERY

  • Discussing what you are hoping to achieve financially and finding out any aspirations, preferences or obstacles you may have in relation to achieving those goals.
  • Our team of specialists will gather information from you and develop it into a comprehensive strategy, that’s customised specifically for you.

The next stage is around STRATEGY

  • Producing your plan, encompassing the best strategies for your unique situation, adding to anything you may have already achieved.
  • You will receive; -
    • A specialist finance plan that considers correct finance structures and strategies along with utilising tax incentives and an invaluable wealth builder program aimed at growing your wealth faster and eliminating as much debt as possible, quickly.
    • Thorough cash flow analysis reports that follow a proven scientific process and integrates all the relevant market, property, investment and personal factors pertaining to your strategy.
    • Education on the facts around your superannuation and the part it plays in your longer term wealth creation
    • An authentic plan on how to duplicate and grow your portfolio over your remaining income earning years.

The next stage is around IMPLEMENTATION

  • We coordinate with many stakeholders and hand-select the correct property that is specific to your strategy.
  • To achieve optimal performance, we use strict research principles and assess each property market and locate the best areas and pinpoint the best property based on your criteria, looking at growth cycles and forecasts, employment opportunities, infrastructure, demographics, educational facilities, shopping, vacancy rates and rental yield, to name a few.
  • We will coordinate finding a suitable property manager and stay in close contact with them on your behalf throughout the process of finding your suitable tenant.


As well as the many services we provide, we will give you access to a network of advisors, affiliates and strategic partners, as and when a need arises (E.G. Specialist SMSF and Tax Accountants, Financial Planners and so on).

The final stage is around GROWTH

  • Your investments are a business and we treat them accordingly, and
  • Most importantly we treat you like a partner. We believe continued mentoring is not just pivotal to becoming a successful property investor, it's vital. We are in this together.
  • You will have unlimited access to MRD specialists, resources and education.
  • We will undertake an annual review with you around your finance structure and property, reassessing your capacity to grow your property portfolio over time, reviewing your strategy and making adjustments as necessary to ensure you stay on track.

When the time comes for you to move from the asset accumulation stage of your ‘investment life’ to retirement, we will work with you to collaboratively decide the best retirement strategy so you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Equity created in the accumulation phase can be utilised in various ways to derive retirement income. We will work with you through five very different ways this can be achieved.

At MRD we have been successfully partnering with new and existing investors on their journeys for 14 years and in 2016 are taking our service to a whole new level.

Add value strategically to your current position to drive your financial tomorrow to new heights.

So what’s NEXT

Have an honest conversation with us and we will do an initial assessment to determine the scope of value we can add in formulating a strategy for you.

At the point you see the cost vs. benefit value in engaging MRD, we will then develop a property and finance plan that is perfectly suited to your own individual circumstances.

This opportunity will be the precursor for you taking the right action needed for you to move beyond just dreams and goals and towards reality.

Call 1300 883 854 or contact us >>> here today and discover what MRD can do for you.