Published on July 31, 2015

Queensland's property market is hotting up

Keep reading as this week I have a gift for you. It will give you insights to enable you to get a jump start and achieve better outcomes from your investment property purchase decisions.

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Earns $50,000 in a retail job and is set for life

I highlighted two MRD client couples. In particular I wrote about a 42 year old migrant male, living in Sydney and earning just $50,000 a year in a retail job?

Today this man has almost $4.4m worth of property (incl. his $2m family home) with just $578,000 of productive debt against it.

That’s a loan to value ratio (LVR) of just 13% with an income (rental) yield of more than 18%.

A pretty impressive result from a young man with a long working life ahead of him; should he choose to keep working.

Holding investment property and allowing time and inflation to grow your wealth

Working alongside others in the same retail store for the past 10 years, his wealth has come about by him investing into property that he has held onto, allowing time and inflation drive up the value of his assets and income, while at the same time devaluing the face value of his debt. He has also paid down a lot of his investment property debt too, which has left him in a financial position that most Australians would envy.

Start with an intentional property investment strategy

Assuming you have the financial capacity and we first establish a property investment strategy; right now property markets in South East Queensland (SEQ); including the Brisbane property market present some amazing investment opportunities.

Brisbane & SEQ property market - moving from recovery to growth

The current upturn is long overdue. Property prices had remained stagnant in SEQ for longer than any of us expected but they are moving. It's no longer speculation, the Brisbane and South East Queensland property markets are moving from the recovery phase to the growth phase right now.

Like is always the case, there are sectors of the market that we believe will be hotter than others and deliver better outcomes.

Get in ahead of the rush

Right now you have the opportunity to get in and secure your next investment property purchase and ride the upswing. It’s equity in properties A & B that allow property investors to to leverage again into properties C & D in the next emerging markets.

Individually sourcing investment properties for investors

Everyone has elements of uniqueness about their financial situation and needs. Therefore, we have specialists out and about looking for and hand-picking investment properties to suit each investor’s individual needs.

Good blocks of land, titled and ready to build on, in MRD preferred locations are almost impossible to find;they’re being sold off the plan before subdivisions are completed and blocks titled.

Is the Brisbane property market about to boom?

To make it really easy for you to quickly see for yourself what’s going on I produced a brochure as a gift for you. It may not seem like a gift right now but if it prompts you into action you’ll thank me for it in a year from now.

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Partnering with you for your investment success,
Nick Lockhart