Attention Investors! We are offering 2.5% interest rates on your home mortgage


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2.5% home loans

If you owe money, ridiculously low interest rates will be appealing.

Confirming MRD can now secure property investors a home loan interest rate of just 2.5%!

Would that be of interest to you (no pun intended)?

Michelle Newby is the Senior Finance Strategist here at MRD. She holds a Diploma of Business and a Cert IV in Financial Services; but more importantly, she possesses a wealth of financial knowledge and many years of practical experience.

We are very excited to be able to offer our valued clients, another expert team member who is caring, patient and very competent.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Coming off an interest only period
  • Coming off fixed interest
  • Looking to access your equity
  • Looking to buy a new home, owner occupied or investment
  • Looking for a better rate
  • Buying a first home
  • Downsizing
  • Upsizing
  • Looking to buy a car/ jet ski or boat
  • Have a family member/ friend/colleague looking for any of the above

Now is a great time to speak with Michelle and have her review your current situation. She has numerous lenders competing for us to send them business meaning there are deals to be had.

About Michelle

Michelle joined MRD’s team of experts, taking on the role of Senior Finance Strategist, at the beginning of this year. With over 17 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry, Michelle’s experience includes lending, business development, credit and finance strategy.

Michelle commenced her finance career working for Suncorp Bank as a branch lender and after 2.5 years in the role she identified the need to offer her clients more than one choice in lenders, so trained as a Finance Broker.

Michelle started her own business ‘Multiple Property Specialists’ which, as the name suggests, was about assisting clients to build a property portfolio and ensuring that they had the correct strategy and structure in place to be able to buy properties and to utilise these properties to pay off their own homes much sooner than the traditional loan of 30 years.

Michelle helps Francis SMASH her home loan! $260,000 paid in two years!

One such client, a 43-year-old lady named Francis, was able to amass a portfolio of 18 properties within a five-year period.

There were three ingredients that made this phenomenal achievement possible.

  1. The property portfolio was built in the early 2000’s when inflation was higher and property values were growing quickly; delivering equity to use for further deposits
  2. Francis was single with no dependents and earned about $80,000; a decent salary back then
  3. Michelle developed the correct finance structure and strategy to enable Francis to take advantage of her opportunities

Points 1 & 2 alone were not enough and would not have allowed Francis to build a portfolio of 18 properties in just five years.

Home paid off in under two years

What excited Francis the most was that the structure Michelle developed for her resulted in her completely paying off her $260,000 home mortgage within two years; without making additional payments.

Aside from developing strategy and loan writing, Michelle has built and sold businesses, worked as a Mortgage Manager with five different funders and held various Business Development Manager roles; including one with BankWest.

Michelle’s primary responsibility is to assist clients to build their property portfolios by creating the optimum structure and strategy to support their immediate and future goals.

More than just a property loan

You may ask Michelle to secure you an investment loan, but she will go beyond that and develop a tailored strategy aimed at having you pay off your home loan in the quickest possible time.

Last month Michelle assisted a working couple by putting a plan together that will see them have their home paid off in just under 2.8 years.

This has been made possible by simply taking advantage of the very strategy Michelle uses for all her clients; and it can work for you too.

Phone us on either 1300 883 854 or 0451 534 101, or message her >>>here.

You have nothing to lose by speaking with Michelle, except perhaps many years of home loan repayments.

Partnering with you for your investment success,

Nick Lockhart