Published on June 05, 2015


In 1971 the late former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser famously said that “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. That statement has been quoted ever since, but did you know that his full quote was "Life wasn’t meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful."

There are difficulties and challenges in life but when we face them with the right attitude and make wise decisions life really “can be delightful”.

Not going to plan

It would be wonderful if things always went according to plan but they don’t so we need to remain flexible. Success in anything requires paying a price whether it be keeping your body in shape, raising a family, professional sport or growing a business. From time to time we see people who appear to have had it easy. It’s like they landed on their feet and everything they touch turns to gold. Let me assure you, everybody has to do the hard yards; sooner or later!

Whether or not you realised it before, as a property investor you are a business owner and the decisions you make and the attitudes you have along the way will feed directly into the results your property business delivers.

At MRD we’re committed to partnering with our clients. Our goal is to give you the freedom to choose your future. We do this by responsibly and strategically assisting you to acquire well researched residential property; supported by specialist propertyfinance and investment adviser professionals.

The key is strategy

  • Firstly we identify your goals and objectives and get to know what’s important to you
  • Then we gather a clear picture of your current position; which is what we call your starting point
  • It’s from here that we develop a strategy with you to create your clear path forward
  • Now we’re ready to begin to implement your strategy with you, over time
  • Regular reviews will be conducted at given times or when your circumstances change

Let me clearly point out that I am not referring to a transaction but a partnership around a strategy that we work on together; that’s The MRD Way!

Property investor challenges

More debt - Understand that I am referring to the productive kind of debt that works for you, nevertheless there can still be a mental battle over this. Your fear will dissipate as our partnership gives you confidence in the knowledge that things have been set in place correctly.

Managing cash flow - With added financial commitments comes a greater need to be aware of and manage cash flow. We will partner with you by calculating and providing you with the necessary cash flow modelling and reporting.

Market fluctuations - An economic downturn such as the GFC, interest rate movements and inflation levels all feed into and impact property markets. There’ll undoubtedly be times where you’ll need some sound business advice to best respond to changes in the economy. MRD will partner with you to help you adjust your sails to take advantage of whatever the prevailing winds are at any given time.

Things not going to plan - With the very best of intentions and the best laid plans there is still no guarantee that outcomes will be as we had hoped or expected. MRD will partner with you through the good times and the bad and do whatever we can to assist you at any given point in your investment journey.

It’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude

I remember sitting at the Sydney Airport Hilton Hotel in the 1980’s and listening to a speaker who said that it is not what happens to us in life that determines where we end up but it is how we respond to what happens that makes all the difference.

That’s why there are those born without limbs winning gold Olympic medals while perfectly able bodied people are wasting their lives away like couch potatoes.

An immigrant winner’s story

In Perth two weekends ago my colleagues and I met with an MRD client named Richard. Richard and his wife and two children had immigrated to Australia in 2003. When he came for his Saturday morning appointment Richard had already finished two cleaning jobs for the day and when he left us was off to do others. While cleaning homes by day and offices by night Richard and his wife have managed to purchase nine properties and are well on their way to total financial independence. They will shortly have the freedom to choose their future!

The squeaky hinge gets the oil

MRD will partner with you if you’ll allow us. Some choose to engage for the purpose of a pleasant transaction but then ‘go it alone’ while others are eager to take advantage of the many channels of support we offer.

If I had my time over there are things we would do differently; that’s the beauty of GFC experience hindsight. Partnership means working with you to achieve best outcomes whatever the prevailing conditions may be and when things don’t go according to plan making adjustments.

We want to earn your trust

If you’re a property investor you’re a business owner and should have a team of trusted advisers around you. We would relish the opportunity to earn your trust and be part of your team of trusted advisers.

Opportunity knocks

Record low interest rates, improving confidence among small businesses (post budget) and some great buying opportunities in emerging property markets combine to offer you opportunity.

I’d like to throw down a challenge and ask you to complete what we refer to as a ‘My Starting Point’ form to allow us to get a snapshot of your current situation. From there we will have a conversation and determine if we can add value to your current position and make constructive suggestions about moving you closer to your goals. If you prefer, call us on 1300 883 854, contact us online or just reply to this email and tell us how we can support you right now.

Partnering with you for your investment success,

Nick Lockhart