10 tips to better borrowing

Crafting Your Personal Wealth Strategy Through Property

Financing, The MRD Way has been developed to provide you with knowledge to assist you to better understand finance concepts, finance products and finance strategies - all specifically aimed at investment property business owners building successful investment property portfolios.

The responsible use of the right kind of (productive) debt can accelerate you to financial freedom. But all debt needs to be respected because, as with a scalpel, used incorrectly or irresponsibly it can do more harm than good.

We do not want to see you misuse debt and have it keep you in a poverty trap. left paying principal and interest on non-appreciable items for years and years to come.

Managing your finances to enhance your wealth building capabilities can be a complex and confusing strategy.

There are all sorts of issues you need to consider such as taxation, legislation, protecting your wealth and assets, associated costs and the inherent risks of financing an investment. The MRD Way is to address these very issues and partner with you as you navigate your journey through this financial maze.

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  1. Borrowing capacity vs purchasing capacity
  2. Borrowing 100% plus costs
  3. How much equity do I have?
  4. The bank says I have reached my borrowing limit
  5. Keeping personal and investment funds separate
  6. And five other great tips...

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