2 percent home loan to pay off your mortgage in record time

2 percent home loan to pay off your mortgage in record time

Reduce your home loan interest rate to two percent (that's 2% - let it sink in for a few moments)!

Available to qualifying investors, this 2 percent interest rate will allow you to pay off your home loan in record time.

At today's board meeting, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) left the official cash rate at 1.5 percent. Nevertheless, there's many ways MRD can help you save money and pay off your home loan faster; you just need to speak with us.

It's a fact that every day we are reducing client's interest bills and literally saving them thousands of dollars a year, enabling them to pay off their home loan faster.

I'm expecting another cut in official interest rates, if not next month, on Melbourne Cup day, and if/when that happens, this discounted interest rate will reduce accordingly and further help home owners.

There are conditions, such as you must be a homeowner and a property investor**; or if you're one without the other, about to become both. You will also need to pass the standard lender's serviceability test (which we will assess at no cost to you).

Assuming you qualify, the rate we will be able to offer you will be from 2 percent (or 1.75 percent after the next RBA rate cut).

Gone are the days where banks move interest rates exactly in line with the RBA; today they move (up or down) out of cycle with the RBA.

The upside of this for you is that it increases competition and competition for your business is what is driving this offer of a 2 percent home loan rate for property investors.

Interested in seeing if we can slash thousands of dollars off your interest repayments, so you too can be rid of your mortgage sooner?

Simply send me your best contact details (and contact times) and we'll come back to you shortly to arrange an assessment.

Please be patient with us, however, as the response to this offer will be huge.
Contact MRD about a home loan interest rate from 2 percent >>> here; or call 1800 883 854.

Partnering with you for your investment success,

Nick Lockhart

**If property investing is something you have little or no expertise in don’t be concerned; partnering with and mentoring our valued clients is an area in which we excel.