How you can get a bigger tax refund in July 2016

Tailor made suits

I love clothes that fit; as I’m sure you do too.

Wearing clothes that are too big, or worse too small, leaves us feeling not so good about ourselves.

Tailored clothes that compliment your body shape, and in colours that work with your skin tone, will save you money in the long run; even though you may pay a little more initially.

Quality fabrics last longer and clothes that help you feel better about yourself tend to get more use.

The same applies to creating long term wealth for your and your family’s future.

You need a plan and ongoing advice that ‘fits you’.

End of Financial Year 45-minute Webinar

  • It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.
  • You are probably paying too much tax; we’ll show you how to get it back.
  • This 45-minutes webinar will show you how to save on tax using your superannuation, under current and proposed new legislation
  • There’s more ways to ‘beat the taxman’ than just by negative gearing your investment properties and on the 45-minute webinar we’ll tell you what these are.
  • Sound strategies for building wealth must address:
  1. ways to keep more of what you earn and
  2. how to have every available dollar work for you in the most effective way.
  • Ignorance means most Australians fail to reduce their tax liability. Don’t miss out and pay more personal or business tax that is necessary. There will be no holding back on this 45-minute webinar; you’ll be shown how.
  • June 30th is coming quickly! That’s the cut off, after which none of these strategies can help you in this financial year. Procrastination is costly.

 was first referred to my accountant, Darren Baker-West in early 2002. 14 years on, Darren is still an important part of Katrina’s and my advisory team.

You are fortunate to be able to, not only listen to, but ask direct questions to Darren next Wednesday, 25th May, by being a part of a 45-minute webinar I am hosting, that Darren has generously agreed to speak on.

Darren has many accounting clients, a number who have a high net wealth and run large and successful businesses.

While his time is valuable, next Wednesday you can listen to him share ways that you can minimise the taxes Canberra keeps from you this financial year.

You even get to ask your own questions and receive advice, free of charge!

You may have a great accountant already; so why not get a second opinion on those important matters, by attending the 45-minute webinar and submitting your question(s).


I’d like to hear from you beforehand.
What questions do you have that you’d like Darren’s presentation built around?
Send me your questions and we will try and cover off on them on the night, making the 45-minute webinar tailored to you - just like tailored clothes.

Partnering with you for your investment success,
Nick Lockhart
PS: Do you have family members, friends or colleagues that would benefit from this event? Be sure to let them know so they can register too.
PPS: Each session can only hold 100 attendees, so be sure you and your friends secure your spots while you can.