2016 Christmas gift offer

I know you’re busy, that’s why I’ll keep this brief.

Every year we encourage our clients to add 1 critical thing to their Christmas list… be a better investor next year.

We know from experience that the major ‘difference that makes a difference’ is timely guidance and advice.


As a gift to a few select people this year we’re offering the most valuable gift we can – our proven expertise.


Yes, No strings. Nothing to buy. No selling involved.

We’d like to give you

  • A complimentary one on one session, face to face or via a web link
  • Help building a property plan
  • The chance to address your major investment pain point(s) and highlight what you're already doing well
  • Strategies to improve your cash flow, reduce your tax and pay off your home faster

This is great value at the regular price of $1,980! But I'm just giving it away!

Sadly, there is a catch… I only have time to give 5 away this year - so you might miss out if you don’t act now.


Here you can book your preferred time to meet with me and we'll confirm if you were one of the first five or not.

N.B. – Your gift must be claimed by the 9th December to be delivered in time for Christmas. We can meet later, but you do need to book before Friday the 9th.

This email has gone to thousands of people and I'm only offering 5 spots. Don't delay.


What value is in this for you?

Corey is an MRD client who just this year completed a diploma of business, launched a coffee company and started an inline hockey team with his brothers. He and his partner, Tegan, purchased their first investment property and, next month launch an Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy Studio. They are still in their 20s!

What a Difference a Year Can Make

Corey and Tegan came to MRD in January.

They 'over achieved' because they sought guidance, remained teachable, focused and took action. No excuses! No procrastinating!

Our partnership with Corey and Tegan extended to general business guidance, not just sourcing their first investment property.

Attitude underpinned their successful 2016! Their hunger to learn, willingness to be mentored, desire to change and commitment to following through.

Do you want to 'over achieve' in 2017? Start with a one on one strategy session and let's get planning; but be quick!


Merry Christmas,

Nick Lockhart
Partnering with you for your investment success