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What the 2017 budget means for property

A podcast for the astute property investor — Budget Opportunities Podcast

Learn what you need to do, whatever part of life you’re at.

Learn retirement strategies.
Learn ways to grow your portfolio sooner.
… And learn what your children need to do to get into the property game, faster.

Budget. We all know about the hype before it’s handed down. But who actually understands it?

This podcast will break it all down for you and give you clear strategies of where to focus your investing efforts to get the most from your property portfolio.

The podcast is on 8th June at 12:30 pm-1:15 pm.

Good news. Changes in the budget will allow continued growth in the property market.
The budget offers changes that will help new — and seasoned — investors. Specifically:

  1. A strategy to close the ‘deposit’ gap that many are experiencing.
    Helping first home buyers save for their deposit up to 30% sooner.

  1. Surplus Commonwealth land will be released for housing.
    Supplying more for affordable property in key areas.

  1. New rules allowing seniors (over 65) to acquire property assets in a SMSF.
    Once leveraged, these changes could mean retirement sooner, not later.

  1. Regardless of the hype, negative gearing remains.
    However, the deductions have tightened.

  1. New Capital Gains Tax exemptions.
    Providing more benefits that you can use in your future strategy.

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