About MRD Direct

About Us

MRD Direct specialises in developing industry referral network channels.

The team at MRD Direct bring decades of proven performance history and has been established as a “Professional Alliance Partner Program” to connect, fast track and build on the knowledge and education platform of MRD Partners, offering a range of additional support channels for its preferred alliance partners.

Gregg Hewitt

We will keep you motivated and on track to be in the top 1% of Australian investors to achieve your long-term real estate investment goals.

Simon Meehan

We will partner with you and identify key opportunities and implement a wealth building strategy that works for you and your family.

Daniel Matheson

We will help you set your goals and work out “the numbers” to tailor the best real estate options that will help you retire sooner.

Lynda Gallagher

We will show you the hotspots for growth and demand, and find the best Real Estate opportunity that achieves your investment goals that deliver results.

Arianne Coggins

We will ensure your journey with MRD Direct is seamless from start to finish and ensure your investment in real estate is delivered on time and on budget exceeding all your expectations.