About MRD Partners

About Us

MRD Partners is a professional services firm, backed by a 16+ year track record.

Since May 2002 we have partnered ‘holistically’ with clients to build real estate wealth. We have done this by educating, supporting, empowering and partnering with the tens of thousands of Australians who have subscribed to learn from, and be mentored by, us.

Our commitment to mentoring and education starts with various online methods, Information Sessions and one on one appointments. It continues with the 'concierge-like' way we hand hold client's hands through the purchase phase and beyond.

We emphasise the importance of strategy and treating property investing as a business and, to fate, we have assisted over 900 clients become real estate investors.

While others in the real estate and property sectors merely look for the next transaction, we offer our clients long-term partnership.

Our dedicated team of professionals include:

  • Nick Lockhart

  • Katrina Lockhart

  • Catherine Doherty

  • Robyn Taylor

  • Wendy Smart

  • Judith Whyman

  • James Lockhart

  • Chantelle Taylor

  • Rod Job

  • Lisette Sol

  • Michael Walker