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Tony Ong Perth WA Tony Ong Perth WA

Karen & Gus Patterson Melbourne VIC Karen & Gus Patterson Melbourne VIC

Nerida Osbourne Melbourne VIC Nerida Osbourne Melbourne VIC

Donald Armstrong Melbourne VIC Donald Armstrong Melbourne VIC

Janelle Fischer Melbourne VIC Janelle Fischer Melbourne VIC

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Chris Beissel Perth WA Chris Beissel Perth WA

Darren Baker-West Melbourne VIC Darren Baker-West Melbourne VIC

From my first encounter with Nick and mrd, I felt confident and comfortable with his service. Nick obviously had previous experience and provided me with thorough explanations. I would say the greatest benefit of property investment is greater financial security. I purchased two properties with Nick’s help and now have a greater awareness of the property market. Both properties have experienced substantial increase in equity and tax effectiveness:

Property one $217,000 in April 2003 now valued at $340,000

Property two $250,500 in November 2004 now valued at $325,000

I have been recommending mrd to my clients for over four years now; and they agree that the knowledge given during the information sessions and the willingness to discuss any issues is A1. I believe mrd is on the front foot with property activity and their clients have the results to prove it.

Ron Ellery Melbourne VIC Ron Ellery Melbourne VIC

MRD Client Ron Ellery shares his experience:

Paul Sherwin Perth WA Paul Sherwin Perth WA

My involvement with MRD has made my family $254,000 richer under 4 years

“Having successfully invested in property before, a friend of mine recommended that I attend an mrd information seminar with the view of getting serious about the money I could make through property.

The information in this session was delivered in layman’s terms; I found it simple and easy to understand. I gained many benefits including wisdom in the area of investing, which has provided my family with a sustainable healthy financial situation. I also learnt how to maximize my tax benefits. I was not a novice, yet was still amazed at how much I learned. With the assistance of mrd I have invested in a further three properties.

My first two mrd purchases were in Palm Beach, September 2002 for $208,000 and February 2004 for $258,000; the third was in Coomera, November 2005 for $320,000. These same properties are now (as at July 2006) valued at over $350,000. In dollar terms, that means my involvement with mrd has made my family $254,000 richer – a quarter of a million dollars and all in under four years!

I recommend my friends attend the mrd information sessions and so far six have bought properties. They are also gaining prosperous results and agree the information provided by mrd has changed their mindsets and fears. Nick is patient, knowledgeable and very approachable. His no beating around the bush, straight to the point attitude is a refreshing change.”