Why Choose MRD

Mentoring Research & Development Pty Ltd (MRD) was formed with the clear purpose of providing clients with proven strategies, techniques and specially tailored property investments that will ensure a comfortable and financially secure future.

The dedicated team of consultants has helped hundreds of Australians realise their potential to produce a solid plan for their future, without having to compromise on lifestyle.

MRD will help you achieve four very important goals:

  • Create wealth
  • Financial freedom
  • Tax effectiveness
  • Successful property investment portfolio

A Proven Property Investment System

The 'Set n Forget' for busy peopleTM system helps individual property investors build successful property investment portfolios of houses, townhouses and apartments while gaining invaluable knowledge and expert advice from professional property mentors.

Research and Sourcing of Quality Investment Property

The best investment opportunities are constantly made available to MRD investors because of our industry reputation and positive relationships with developers across Australia. Also an experienced Research Team does rigorous due diligence on every location and property.

A Personal, Dedicated Property Investment Mentor

Every MRD investor has the continual support of an experienced, local Property Mentor to assist them with their property investment needs. A successful investor understands the need for a supportive team of professionals around them in order to save time, reduce the risk of failure and maximise long term success.

Continuous Industry Education

It is vital that MRD investors constantly feel informed and educated so that they continue to hold onto their portfolio for the long term. A professional team of property experts will assist investors throughout the investment process, offering sound strategies, latest property market research and professional guidance.

Being financially secure takes solid planning, understanding and constant reviewing, the team at MRD takes pride in assisting you every step of the way.

Your First Step

The Property Strategy Blueprint Click Here If you are serious about how to turn your goals into reality, a Property Strategy Blueprint will provide you with the tools and knowledge you will need to make confident decisions on your financial future.