City of Wyndham Market Snapshot

City of Wyndham Market Snapshot

The City of Wyndham is located on the western edge of Melbourne, between the metropolitan area and Geelong. Wyndham covers a square area of 542 km and features 27.4km of coastline bordering Port Phillip to the east. The municipality is situated in one of Australia’s most productive regions, part of the largest area of rich basalt soils on the continent. Wyndham is adjacent to the municipalities of Greater Geelong, Moorabool, Melton, Brimbank and Hobsons Bay.
The centre of the city of Wyndham is East Werribee which has been earmarked as a major satellite city encompassing major business, education and employment nodes. It is just 30 km from Melbourne and 45 km to the greater Geelong area.
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Population growth
Jobs, jobs and more jobs

• East Werribee is one of eight places across Melbourne identified by the state for major development to take pressure off the CBD and inner city and create a better quality of lifestyle in the suburbs.
• A new bid is in place on top of the already approved employment precinct to create a high-tech Silicon Valley-style venture touted as the Australian Education City.
• The new $30 billion ‘super city’ would be expected to create up to 100,000 jobs for Melbourne’s booming west.
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Key points

● Right in the heart of the fast growing area of Wyndham.

● Right in the heart of Melbourne West.

● This is going to be Melbourne’s third largest CBD.

● The most prestigious part of Melbourne West.
The real estate opportunity

The 775-hectare East Werribee precinct is the largest undeveloped surplus State Government land in metropolitan Melbourne, and comprises the 400-hectare site known as the East Werribee Major Development Parcel.

The Victorian Government have earmarked East Werribee as a major employment precinct and will combine the Werribee City Centre and Werribee Employment Precinct and grow as the capital of Melbourne’s New west.
East Werribee Employment Precinct will include:

● East Werribee Town Centre which will be a multi-storey centre with active retail, entertainment and commercial uses as well as residential and commercial on the above levels.

● The Commercial Hub will be a multi-storey precinct of modern commercial towers and apartments.

● A Health and Learning Hub.

● Enterprise and Interchange Business Hubs

● A Lakeside Community being modern high value residential real estate overlooking the lake, and

● the Wattle Village Community.

The East Werribee Employment Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) was completed in October 2013 and will guide the development of a mixed use precinct that will create opportunities for 58,300 local jobs as well as homes, key infrastructure, advanced integrated water cycle management, sports facilities, and local parks.


Werribee has attracted major investment and new infrastructure projects to support the unprecedented growth of the area.
Strong infrastructure investment: Major completed and planned projects in the region include:

● $4.8 billion Regional Rail Link.

● $2 billion Outer Metropolitan Ring Road.

● $5 million to develop a business case for an intermodal Western Interstate Freight Terminal.

● Avalon International Airport expansion.

● $72 million for East Werribee Stage 1 road works and planning including the $40 million Sneydes Road freeway interchange.

● $440 million Wyndham Harbour development.

● Pacific Werribee Plaza expansion.

● Marina in Werribee South.
Proposed $20 billion Australian Education
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The Australian Education City is proposed to be located in the East Werribee Employment Precinct, located 25 km’s to the west of Melbourne – and only 4 km’s to Redlands East Werribee, and as a whole, is proposed to create 58,000 jobs and have 7,000 homes, housing approximately 80 – 100,000 new residents and built on 6000 sq/m of greenfield land in East Werribee.

The Education City will host 50,000 students and is only 20 minutes from Melbourne which is a highly successful education centre and the worlds fourth most popular student destination. The Australian Education City (AEC) will become the largest research and development park in the Southern Hemisphere.

The AEC plans include a range of uses of the land in accord with residential and educational growth including a 50-level skyscraper, a lakeside entertainment precinct and hubs for hi-tech industries and education. A mix of apartments, townhouses and houses are earmarked for the site.
Currently located on the site are two of Melbourne’s prestigious universities:

● Melbourne University (Veterinary Sciences Campus).

● Victoria University (College of Engineering & Science Campus).

● A number of additional educational campuses are proposed to be built in the area, including the proposal of one of
China’s most prestigious universities (University currently unknown).
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