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A 'Perfect Storm' for new loans may mean it's the perfect time to buy!

“In June 2019, a client seeking a simple top up loan only qualified for 75% of the amount she was after. She was hindered by harsh lending restrictions imposed in recent years.

“Just one month later, after the finance regulator removed restrictions, my client’s borrowing capacity increased to 220% of the amount she wanted”.

James LockhartI’m James Lockhart, please allow me to introduce myself

I took on the lead role at MRD Finance in February this year. Unsolicited positive feedback from numerous clients has been very encouraging. I’m honoured to be able to deliver positive outcomes for my clients.

I’m a husband, new dad, property investor and I love to think ‘outside of the box’ to find solutions. I will have your back when it comes to anything finance.

This extends to refinancing existing and/or sourcing new loans, as well as finance strategy and advanced loan structuring to ensure you pay off your home loan faster as well as protect your cash flow.

The Banking Royal Commission’s final report was handed down in February 2019. Banks were given little more than a ‘slap on the wrist’ while we brokers were faced with the prospect of having to charge borrowers between $3,000 and $5,000+ to arrange and write their loans.

However, in May the coalition government’s victory meant everything returned to normal.

Since then:

  • House price drops have plateaued and now prices have begun to rise again slightly.
  • Two interest rate cuts have given back to households approximately $30 p/m in interest payments per $100,000 owed.
  • The financial regulator has removed regulations that were restricting lending.

I believe that right now is the perfect time to look at options to refinance, consolidate debt and/or get you finance ready for your next purchase. After years of challenging times in lending, now is the ‘perfect storm’ for borrowers.

To help you better get to know me…

Personal life: “My wife and I began this year with our 2-month-old daughter Noa and have loved every moment watching her grow and develop.

Last week she learnt to wave and this week to clap. She is also presently cutting four new teeth”.

My career: “I have taken over MRD Finance from my predecessors who many of you have worked closely with in the past. I’m looking forward to working with you in the months and years to come, assisting you to save money and structure your finances to meet your medium and long term goals”.

If you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance an existing mortgage(s), the lending restrictions’ relaxation and interest rate reductions will mean a very different result from that of even a month or two ago.

Perhaps you did not qualify previously, but may now?

You may have been ‘stuck’ on higher interest rates, or a principle and interest loan, because you did not qualify to refinance away to a better offer.

That may have changed (it absolutely has in many cases).

I’d love the opportunity to see if there are any areas where I can add value for you.

To have me assess your current loans and loans’ structure’ to look for where value can be added; including improved cash flow and greater flexibility, simply complete (what we affectionately refer to as) a ‘My Starting Point’ form.

Check if you qualify

I’ll complete a financial health check and be back in touch with you within two business days with my findings and suggestions, as applicable - and at no cost or obligation to you.

If you’re ready now to proceed with a purchase or refinance, please go one step further and complete a full Fact Find (mandatory for all borrowers) and I will come back to you with your financing options within one business day.

If you’d prefer, just leave your details and I’ll call you to gather what I need.

If you have questions about finance, finance strategy and/or finance structures, reply to this email or call me on 1300 883 854 and I'll be happy to help.

I look forward to working with and delivering superior outcomes for you.

Kind regards,

James Lockhart

James Lockhart

I took on the lead role at MRD Finance in February 2019. I’m a husband, new dad, property investor and I love to think ‘out of the box’ to find solutions. I will have your back when it comes to anything finance.

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