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SMSF Property Investment [Webcast]

SMSF Property Investment has become a popular strategy for investors in recent years.  

If you set up a self managed super fund (SMSF), you make the investment decisions for the fund and are responsible for complying with super and tax laws.

An SMSF must be run for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits for the members or their dependents. 

To learn more about the laws pertaining to Self Managed Super Funds, please check the ATO website.

With widespread media coverage and attention on the potential shortfall of many Australian’s retirement savings, self-managed super funds are growing in popularity. 

Despite this, there are still self managed super funds pros and cons you need to be aware of.

SMSF Popularity

According to the ATO there are now over 500,000 SMSFs in existence and over 1 million trustees. 

The reality is, how you manage your superannuation and retirement savings today will have a significant impact on the choices you will create for yourself in retirement.

Which is why SMSFs are rapidly becoming a favourite for Australians who want greater control of their retirement plan.

This webcast is intended to give you a broad summary of SMSF property investment and includes:

  • SMSF overview
  • Costs of running a SMSF
  • Your SMSF responsibility
  • How much you need to set up a SMSF and hidden costs
  • Accessing the fund
  • SMSF borrowing


SMSF and Property

Interested in Learning More about SMSF Property Investment?

You can learn more about SMSFs, in our Introduction to Self Managed Super Funds article.

Alternatively, please contact the MRD Self Managed Super Funds team today and we can help you decide whether this strategy is suitable for your long term strategy and goals.

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