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Our Brisbane Property Market Report addresses all aspects that are pertinent if you are considering acquiring residential property in the region to expand your investment portfolio. It puts all elements of Brisbane in context for you, with a focus on:

  • The Property Cycle
  • Vacancy Rate
  • Median Rents
  • Rental Prices
  • Rental Yield
  • Median House Price
  • Supply Indicators
  • New Stock Coming to Market
  • Industry sector of employment
  • Employment Status
  • The Future: The property and commodity market

Current Median Price of houses in the Brisbane CBD is $540,000; average days on market are 178 days. Median unit price is $493,000; average days on market are 98 days. Unit dominant the property stock market and is at the Rising Phase and working towards the Peaking Phrase.

Brisbane residential market was in hot demand. Data (Median) showed that Brisbane’s off the plan apartment market had reached a record high unconditional sales volume during the September quarter 2014, with increased weighted sales price to $551,558. Meanwhile, a total of 12 projects with 2,760 new apartments were released during December 2014. Major off the plan apartment sales were focused in inner-north Brisbane.

According to Place Advisory director Lachlan Walker, the sales performance in September quarter 2014 was driven by a crucial factor, which was the release of a number of prominent higher-density large scale buildings as long as their affordable prices. Newstead and Teneriffe precincts were the main areas of increasing new project activity. In December quarter last year, another two large scales development were Melbourne in South Brisbane and Mode in Newstead. 

However the sales rates were unlikely to be longer-term. The future trend tends to be higher quality, more expensive stock developed with declining sales rates and increasing sales prices throughout Brisbane.

Besides a number of large scales of residential new projects, large scales of transportation infrastructure and redevelopment projects are undertaking mainly around CBD and surroundings. Find out more >


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