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Buying Investment Property

Helping our clients build long term wealth through real estate

Partnering with you
We partner with you to help you build long-term wealth through property investment.
Long term strategy
We work with you to develop a strategy personalised for your individual circumstances and goals.
Trusted since 2002
We have helped over 900 clients build wealth through property since 2002.  

How MRD Can Help You Build a Property Investment Portfolio

We partner with you for the purpose of helping you build long-term wealth through real estate. 

Firstly, we ascertain your current position, we call this 'My Starting Point.'

From there we gain an understanding of your goals, your aspirations, commitments and previous experiences.

We then work with you to develop a strategy that will enable you to responsibly use the right kind of debt to leverage into property to build wealth. 

Unlike other real estate companies we don't start with a property and find a buyer.

We start with an individual and once we have developed a strategy, we then source the property(s) that fits it.

At MRD, we will help you

> Develop a personalised strategy

> Create achievable goals

> Use safe, low risk investment methods

> Partner with you for the long term

MRD was developed to educate, empower and assist property investors throughout their investment journey.

We will offer you sound investment strategies, the latest market research, quality properties, and professional, ongoing support.

Talk To An Expert

Extensive Research and Due Diligence

Our investment property strategists have decades of valuable expertise, which means we know which properties to recommend for you, and which to avoid.

We devote a great deal of effort and time to conduct strict and thorough research and due diligence on every property.

Primarily we look to the greater Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne markets, where your property will be located within close proximity to a capital city job market. 

"There was no pressure, no hard sell and they give you all the right advice."
Michael C
"We feel very comfortable dealing with them, and have stayed in touch with them for up to six years now."
Chris B
"MRD gave me the opportunity to grow and make my decisions myself with no pressure whatsoever."
Deb B
"They are highly professional, but are also friends...they are there to help you at every step of the way."
Rob V
"My advice to someone trying to invest in property, is Nick will spend a lot of time and effort to do the research."
Tony O
"After meeting Nick, I bought an investment property through him, and through that the follow up from Nick and his team has just been excellent."
Paul S

Finance Is the Foundation Through Which You Can Build Your Property Portfolio

Getting the right finance structure and loan can be the difference between your portfolio growing and stalling. 

With the MRD Finance Team, you will be looked after by a fully trained and accredited finance strategist who has many years of successful mortgage broking experience dealing with thousands of property investors and home owners. 

Learn more about the MRD Finance Team here.


MRD Finance on iphone

Complimentary, Obligation-Free Strategy Consultation

We'd love to help you explore the right way to build a long-term wealth creation plan through smart, low risk property investment.

If you're a new investor, an MRD property strategist will evaluate your position and, taking the time to understand your goals, experiences and reservations, will show you how to safely start your property investing journey.

If you're an existing investor, we will look for any areas where we can add value to, or improve, what you have done to date.

Areas to be reviewed include:

> Strategy
> Existing loans and carry out a borrowing assessment
> Goals and provide helpful hints and tips on where you can improve

To request your appointment, please complete the form or call the MRD Team on 1300 883 854. 

At the end of the day, we are here to assist you!

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