Buying Investment Property

Building Long-Term Wealth
MRD was developed to educate, empower and assist property investors throughout their investment journey, offering sound investment strategies, the latest market research, quality properties, and
professional, ongoing support.

Buying an Investment Property

We have helped clients
build wealth since 2002.

MRD has had a positive impact on literally tens of thousands of people, many of those being personal clients well on their way to complete financial independence.

Partnering with you

We partner with you for the purpose of helping you build long-term wealth through Real Estate.

Firstly, we ascertain your current position, we call this 'My Starting Point', from there we gain an understanding of your goals, your aspirations, commitments and previous experiences, so we can work with you to develop a strategy that will enable you to responsibly use the right kind of debt to leverage into property to build wealth.

Unlike other real estate companies we don't start with a property and find a buyer, we start with an individual and once we have developed a strategy we then source the property that fits the strategy.

Primarily we look to the greater Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne markets, where your property will be located within close proximity to a capital city job market.

✔ Partnering with you for the long term
✔ Building long term wealth
✔ Safe investment methods
✔ Individual strategies

Fast Track Your Goals
Fast track your goals to financial freedom with a Personalised Investment Strategy. At MRD Partners we have extensive experience in property investments and will establish your financial goals to help you buy an investment property sooner. Savvy investors are investing in residential property to build wealth for theirs and their family's future.

Happy Clients
At MRD Partners, our investment property strategists have decades of valuable expertise and can assist you to secure your investment property. They devote a great deal of effort and time to locate, arrange, and manage their clients’ property portfolios..

Ongoing Support
We continue partnering with you through regular reviews and support to ensure your structure and property portfolio is on target and to allow for adjustments, if and when your circumstances change.

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