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Customer Stories

We teach our customers to invest the smart way, with the least amount of risk possible. Here are some of their stories.

Our approach is to treat our customers like a partner.
Think of us like your personal assistant in property.
Helping you, advising you and looking our for you.

MRD Has Helped More than 400 People Invest in Property

"MRD gave me the opportunity to grow and make my decisions myself with no pressure whatsoever.."
Deb B
"We feel very comfortable dealing with them, and have stayed in touch with them for up to six years now."
Chris B
"There was no pressure, no hard sell and they give you all the right advice."
Michael C
"They are highly professional, but are also friends...they are there to help you at every step of the way."
Rob V
"My advice to someone trying to invest in property, is Nick will spend a lot of time and effort to do the research."
Tony O
"After meeting Nick, I bought an investment property through him, and through that the follow up from Nick and his team has just been excellent."
Paul S
"Through my past investments I found out about MRD. I was looking to keep up with current trends, what's going on and how the investment market changes all the time."
David A project manager
"They can show you opportunities, show you the tax benefits, and set you up on where you want to be."
John Doe, project manager
"The last two properties we bought were through MRD, now we are looking to buy a third through our self managed super fund...Find someone who has done it and has been successful at it, and use them as a mentor. That's what Nick has been able to do for us."
Roy C

I have been working with MRD for about two years after being referred to them by a friend.  

I have purchased investment properties through MRD - though I’ve never felt any pressure from them. Other investment advisors make you feel like they’re putting you on the spot. Others aren’t upfront about costs and commissions but MRD are. 

I like that MRD keeps me up to date with useful information and I would recommend MRD to others because they’re so easy to deal with and also because of the quality information they provide about the properties they have researched. 

I love the MRD structure - they don’t just look at ‘the now’ they have your future in mind. 

Joe S, New South Wales

I have been working with MRD for nearly 10 years. I was originally referred to MRD through a friend who invited me to attend a presentation in Melbourne given by Nick Lockhart.

For the first two years I followed MRD’s mentoring program, weekly emails and property market research and with these tools, I was able to develop a very good understanding of how to use investment in property to create financial security for retirement. I purchased my first property in June 2006 and a second property in August 2013 both through MRD and they are both doing very well.

I have found MRD's mentoring, property research and VIP offers the most useful. The greatest benefit of using MRD is their professionalism, honesty and the way they build business relationships with their clients. When you are ready to buy, they organise everything from woe to go, everything from the holding deposit through to contracts for purchase and settlement, they will even arrange the finance if you need it.

I have recommended 4 other friends who have also started building their investment portfolio through MRD.

Steve B, Victoria

I have been working with MRD for about seven years and have made three purchases through them.

It started off with me wanting to invest in something and property was my first choice. 

Nick Lockhart has always been very available, very honest and he obviously knows the property market very well. 

Nick’s regular emails and information are excellent resources. It’s good to get updates on the regions I have invested but also on the investment market as a whole; interest rates, property conditions - it’s all very useful to read.

The greatest benefit I’ve found in dealing with MRD is that they take the time to understand you as a person and more importantly, your personal situation. 

From the start, Nick has said to me, “We’re not here to make a quick sale and move on.”
MRD are here to educate you and advise you. There’s no pressure to act a minute or a day before you’re ready

Greg D, Western Australia

My wife and I started mentoring with MRD just over three years ago after a recommendation from a friend.

We have found the mentoring process key to understanding the basics of investing and also necessary to help set our minds on what we need to do to set up our future personal economic situation.

MRD have been very approachable, easy to understand and pleasant to work with. There is nothing I could complain about or have felt uncomfortable about.

One of the greatest benefits of working with MRD is knowing that we are working towards being in a better position when the time comes to retire.

MRD have opened our eyes to the bigger picture and I am now recommending MRD to both family and friends.

Carlos L, Victoria

We were introduced to MRD through an acquaintance and have been working with MRD for almost 11 years now.

I can give you nothing but good feedback. I have dealt with Martin & Nick who are both professional and provide a great level of service.

One of the most valuable resources MRD provides for me is their planning tools. When you are considering purchasing a property, they are able to produce a report which gives you an idea on what the property will do for you in terms of positive/negative gearing, how the financials stack up and even give you a future projection of 10-15 years away.

Another useful research tool MRD have for clients is the ability to be able to look at your current situation, current expenses, projected purchases to establish what amount of retirement income you will need when the time comes.

One of the greatest benefits of MRD is being able to trust them. You know the properties that are presented are legitimate, they have been researched already and whatever you look at, you know they will be good purchases.

I have purchased five properties through MRD and recommend them to family and friends.

Don A, Victoria

MRD came highly recommended by a friend who had been dealing with them. It’s always daunting when you’re not familiar with this type of investment strategy so it was good to get a recommendation from somebody I trusted.

I’ve had a very positive experience with MRD. My contact there is Martin and we’ve formed a great relationship. Having that relationship has been my greatest investment resource. I can literally call him any day, anytime, and if he doesn’t know the answers to my questions he always refers me to people who do.

MRD arms you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision - literature, newsletters, research... I know that when MRD comes to me and says, “here’s an opportunity,” they’ve done the research and I can take the time to look at the affordability and timing for my personal situation. Now, with their finance arm, I can deal with MRD the whole way.

I have been working with MRD for four years now and have bought three properties through them.

MRD is a one-stop-shop and their personalised service is key to what they do.

Val F, South Australia