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Dual Income Real Estate

An increasingly attractive proposition for investors seeking excellent yield and growth potential

Smart Investment Choice
Strong yield and growth potential.
Growth Locations
MRD will help you purchase dual income real estate investments in high growth locations.
SMSF or Individual Purchase
Versatile investment option for first time or seasoned investors.

Adding Dual Income Property to Your Portfolio

The MRD Way is not to start with a property listing and look for a buyer, as is the case generally in real estate.

We start with an individual who is looking to build wealth through property. We then work with them to create a customised strategy based on their circumstances, goals, experiences and aspirations.

However, from time to time, we showcase feature dual income properties where the investment fundamentals are positive and we believe the property represents excellent value, for the right individual. You can view a selection of these properties below.

If you request more information on any of these properties, we will still go through a robust process to discuss your strategy, goals and aspirations, to ascertain whether it is the right property for you.

Dual Occupancy Property | Estimated 6%+ Return (conservatively)

  • 5 Bedroom
  • 3 Bathroom
  • 2 Car
  • House Size 212 sqm
  • Land Size 500 sqm
  • Total Price $594,000

Dual Occupancy Property | Estimated 5.8%+ Return (conservatively)

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 3 Bathroom
  • 2 Car
  • Land size 456 sqm
  • House size 194 sqm
  • Total Price $462,000

Dual Occupancy Property | Estimated 6%+ Return (conservatively)

  • 5 Bedroom
  • 3 Bathroom
  • 2 Car
  • Land size 461 sqm
  • House size 217 sqm
  • Total Price $546,000

Dual Occupancy Property | Estimated 6.4%+ Return (conservatively)

  • 5 Bedroom
  • 3 Bathroom
  • 3 Car
  • Land size 454 sqm
  • House size 209 sqm
  • Total Price $536,000

Complimentary, Obligation-Free Strategy Consultation

We'd love to help you explore the right way to build a long-term wealth creation plan through smart, low risk property investment.

If you're a new investor, an MRD property strategist will evaluate your position and, taking the time to understand your goals, experiences and reservations, will show you how to safely start your property investing journey.

If you're an existing investor, we will talk to you about a specific dual income property that matches your buying criteria.

To request your appointment, please complete the form.

At the end of the day, we are here to assist you!

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"MRD gave me the opportunity to grow and make my decisions myself with no pressure whatsoever."
Deb B
"We feel very comfortable dealing with them, and have stayed in touch with them for up to six years now."
Chris B
"They are highly professional, but are also friends...they are there to help you at every step of the way."
Rob B

Benefits of Dual Income Real Estate


  • Increasing the potential of one block of land
  • Improved cash flow, which can help you pay down your loans faster
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased portfolio size without having to outlay on two properties


Contact MRD today to learn more about dual income real estate.