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Feature Properties

The MRD Way is not to start with a property listing and look for a buyer, as is the case generally in real estate.

We start with an individual who is looking to build wealth through property. We then work with them to create a customised strategy based on their circumstances, goals, experiences and aspirations.

Once we have agreed on a strategy, we then research and source properties. The dwelling type, location, price and estimated yields of each property we source will be entirely dependent on each individual client's strategy.

As a result of this approach, you will not find lots of property listings on our website.

Showcasing Feature Properties

However, from time to time, we showcase feature properties where the investment fundamentals are positive and we believe the property represents excellent value, for the right individual. You can view a selection of these properties below.

If you request more information on any of these properties, we will still go through a robust process to discuss your strategy, goals and aspirations, to ascertain whether it is the right property for you.


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  • Dual Income

6 Income Stream Property

South East Queensland growth corridor