Getting a home loan or property investment loan can be a very stressful and very confusing time. Once you have decided to invest in property you will find many lenders to choose from including banks, credit unions and non bank lenders - and each one of them will provide you with range of different loan products with different bells and whistles attached which is confusing in itself. Also knowing which lending institution you should be dealing with, and which loan is right loan for you, can make the whole process seem ‘too hard’.

Our Role

The role of MRD Finance is to act as an intermediary between you, the borrower, and the lender. We are very familiar with the different loan products available from over 30 lenders, and we sort through the myriad of loan products available in the marketplace saving you an incredible amount of time.  MRD Finance will offer our experience and knowledge of the lenders’ underwriting procedures which will make your application process as straightforward and successful as possible. MRD Finance provides a complimentary fee free service.

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We will obtain and have your financial details and paperwork prepared so you know exactly where you stand. We will recommend a loan based on your financial situation and your best interests taking into account your goals, dreams and retirements options.

MRD Finance offer the following services:

  • A detailed Finance Health Check
  • Review the structure of your current loan(s) to maximise benefits
  • Refinance options
  • Access to 30+ Lenders
  • Qualified Broker

Your Starting Point

MRD Finance will assess your current position and show you what action will be necessary to achieve your desired goals (based on market assumptions). MRD Finance will confirm the best existing finance structure; or if not, suggest alternatives.

By completing the online 'My Starting Point' form MRD Finance will begin the process of assessing what options are available to you.

There are many compelling reasons to become a property investor. As active property investors the goal of MRD is to help you also create wealth through property. The right finance structure is a key to successful property investment. MRD Finance will look at the big picture and implement correct finance strategies so you will achieve your property investment goals.

Talk to a MRD Finance Broker now and start planning your course of action to achieve financial independence.

On-Line Calculator

MRD Finance don’t use on-line calculators because not all property and finance calculators are user friendly and may only provide an estimate of how much an investment property will cost and how much you can borrow. You require a more in-depth tool in order to combine the cash operating revenue and the cash operating expenses with the change in the amount of income tax paid to measure the net change in your income due to the investment property. The Property Strategy Blueprint will look at your retirement savings options, what your purchasing power will be, repayments etc. all designed specifically with you and your financial situation in mind. A property and finance calculator simply cannot provide the correct information required to invest in property and your financial future.

Important Information

MRD Finance Pty Ltd ABN: 62 141 229 192 Member FBAA & COSL

Australian Credit License: 410231 Credit Representative Number: 501283

Note: The MRD Finance assessment is fee free and without obligation.

Disclaimer: This information has been prepared to provide you with general information only. It is not intended to take the place of professional advice and you should not take action on specific issues in reliance on this information. In preparing this information, MRD Finance did not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person. Before making an investment decision, you need to consider (with or without the assistance of an adviser) whether this information is appropriate to your needs, objectives and circumstances.  Interest rates and Lender product information is subject to change at anytime.