Gold Coast Property Market Recovery | Download Report

Gold Coast Property Market Recovery | Download Report

Gold Coast Property Market Recovery

Gold Coast property market recovery could soon turn into a boom

We all know too well the impact the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) had on property markets around the country, and in many markets, namely Sydney and Melbourne, prices have not just recovered they have continued to spiral higher.

The Southeast corner of Queensland (SEQ) takes in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast.

These markets were hit hard during the GFC, with recovery taking a lot longer to ‘show up’ than in other parts of the country.

Property price correction is inevitable; even if not immediate

It is said that ‘Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine’; and I say that “Property price correction is inevitable; even if not immediate”.

The huge price differential between property values in SEQ, when compared with the East Coast capitals of Sydney and Melbourne, is playing a large part on why ‘all eyes’ are on these growing markets right now.

Gold Coast market is growing strongly

Many are unaware of what is happening in the Gold Coast property market at this time and by the time the Commonwealth Games arrive in 2018 may be ‘kicking themselves’ for not taking advantage of the opportunities that currently exist.

The Gold Coast property market is at its best since before the GFC... and rising.

Infrastructure spending is high, employment is strong, rental vacancies are at an all time low and property rental and sale prices are growing.

We are living in times of low inflation, so we are unlikely to see a repeat of the property price growth we had in the 90s or early 00s. That said, markets will always correct and the Gold Coast is one such market that is overdue for correction

Many property commentators and analysts are saying that the Gold Coast is the best place to invest right now.

The lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast will continue to drive that local economy and it’s anticipated that, with the eyes of the world on the city during the Games, interest and investment in the Gold Coast will continue well beyond 2018.

MRD has recently produced a comprehensive and factual research report on the current state of the Gold Coast property market.

It looks at the driving factors that are set to drive up property rental and sales values.

It costs just $19.90 and is a must read if you own Gold Coast property, are thinking of investing in Gold Coast property or just considering investing in property generally!

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