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What is Real Estate Investing?

Real estate investing encompasses the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate to create wealth.

Nick Lockhart founded MRD Partners in 2002. Since then, MRD Partners has established itself as a leading Real Estate Investing group Australia wide. As experts in building investment property portfolios, our approach is to treat your investment properties like a business. Most importantly, our approach is to treat you like a partner.

Normal, everyday average people are building massive wealth using real estate investment as their preferred investment vehicle. Preceding modern stock markets, Real Estate Investing is one of the four main asset classes that every savvy investor should seriously consider adding to their portfolio for cash flow, tax, profitability, and diversification benefits.

The goal of property investing is to invest the money you work for today strategically into Real Estate investing, allowing it increase so that you have more money to ultilise and retire on in the future.

Real Estate Investment Company MRD Partners.
Real Estate Investing.

Rental yield is a key component in determining the potential value and return of an investment property. The return you make on your real estate investments must be enough to cover your risks, taxes, maintenance and insurance. The rental yield should be used as a guide only, and when evaluating the potential of a Real Estate Investment Property other factors such as location and potential capital gain should be considered in assessing the overall return and value of an investment property.

At MRD Partners, our investment property professionals have spent years – gaining valuable expertise in the financial and investment property industry; devoting a great deal of effort and time to locating, arranging, and managing their clients’ property portfolios. There are many benefits to using a Real Estate investment company. MRD Partners is a Real Estate investment company based on the Gold Coast. An Investment Property Company can help you avoid making rookie mistakes and emotional decisions. A qualified Real Estate Investment advisor is your “voice of reason” to ensure you’re thinking with your head and not your heart when setting yourself up for financial freedom.

Inexperienced investors can quickly find themselves in legal and financial trouble. Many investors start out with the best of intentions and great enthusiasm but don’t manage to get past the stage of adding just one or two investment properties to their portfolio. Plan for success. In most cases, the root of the problem is due to their strategy – or rather the lack of one. Utilising the expertise of an investment property group can help minimise the element of risk associated with property investing and increase higher long-term earnings on your real estate investment.

How to invest in Real Estate
Investing in property is a business.

Would you start a business without a plan? Investing in property is a business, and needs to be treated like one. Ultimately, your Real Estate Investing strategy needs to fit with your long-term goals. Each Real Estate Investment Property that you consider adding to your portfolio needs to specifically match your personal criteria, goals, time frame and budget.

Finding suitable Real Estate Investment Properties that fit your specific criteria can be overwhelming and daunting, particularly if you are new to Real Estate Investing. If your goal is to obtain financial security in retirement you need to strategise your Real Estate Investment portfolio to achieve this goal. You will also need to thoroughly understand your current financial position and what you can afford. Understanding your Real Estate Investing budget is crucial, and having a clear and structured plan is going to maximise your Real Estate Investing success.

Commercial Property
Commercial Property For Sale

How a Real Estate Investment Property is utilised can have significant impact on its value to a property investor. Real Estate Investment Group MRD Partners, will determine the most profitable use of a Real Estate Investment Property.

Successful commercial property investment requires a complete understanding of the complexities of market factors, financing requirements, leasing opportunities and property management options. These considerations apply equally to larger and smaller commercial investment properties for sale and are crucial factors in identifying the opportunities for successful commercial property investing.

The ultimate factor for determining future Commercial property growth is similar to Residential Real Estate Investing – demand. Other factors also greatly attribute to the viability and success of Commercial Property for sale, including economic factors, population growth and local infrastructure development.

Commercial property investing finance is often more complex than normal residential funding. If you are considering investing in a commercial property for sale, speaking with an expert Property Investment Group MRD Partners would be highly beneficial.

Buying a property through SMSF

When Paul Keating introduced compulsory Superannuation it was designed to replace the government pension, not to provide you with a better retirement lifestyle.

In order for the Superannuation guarantee contributions to achieve this, certain criteria had to be met. Firstly, the low starting contribution would need to grow to 12%. Later changes to legislation stopped the increases from the initial 3% contributions at 9%. So, as you can see, this criteria has not been met.

It was calculated at the time that if you worked from age 21 to age 65, never had any periods of unemployment, got 12% contributions (made by your employer) for that whole period, and investment returns remained at the high average levels experienced in the mid 1980’s you would retire on a private pension that would replace the old age pension.

For decades Real Estate investors have been buying Real Estate Investment Properties through SMSF’s. However this trend really came to the forefront when SMSF’s were granted permission to purchase assets in 2007. Another new change in legislation is that SMSF’s can now borrow money to purchase investment properties; this means that people are now able to use their SMSF to invest in properties they may not have previously been able to afford.

Buying a property through SMSF can be a great way to invest for retirement and set yourself up for financial security, however Investing with SMSF is not a straightforward process. If investing in property with your SMSF is something you are considering, speaking with an expert Property Investment Group MRD Partners would be a good starting point.

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Our strategy is based on two simple principles: treating property investment like
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