A very important update concerning your home and investment loans; from 2.25%

A very important update concerning your home and investment loans; from 2.25%

It’s time to beat the banks and we can help you do so.

In Sydney this past week I explained to a client the strange things happening in the banking and finance space right now.

Banks have tightened their lending criteria and made it more difficult for people to qualify for investment lending finance.

At the same time, they are ‘falling over themselves’ to win a bigger slice of what’s now a smaller market, due to their own changes.

Essentially they are fighting to win over the business of quality borrowers and snub their noses at those deemed to be of a lesser quality.

Winners and losers

This means if your ability to obtain investment funding previously was touch and go, you might find yourself out in the cold. For those who easily qualified for investment lending previously, we have some amazing offers we can now make available to you.

MRD to release two new loan products next week

Next week there will be two loan products that we can offer you, ones that we cannot offer this week. Yes, that’s how quickly the landscape is changing.

New loan product #1 is a Loan with a Master Limit

A Master Limit Loan allows you to convert non-deductible debt into deductible debt. In years gone by people used these to pay off their home loans in record time. Essentially this type of product has been withdrawn from the market, however, next week we will be able to offer it again to clients who fit this lender’s criteria.

  • Can choose to have either 5 or 10-year period for the master limit
  • No re-assessment of master limit during the chosen period
  • Can have multiple offset accounts attached to the varying limits
  • Up to 10 splits under master limit
  • Flexibility to re-structure/re-arrange loan limits without the need to provide financials etc.
  • Up to 90% LVR

New loan product #2 is a home loan with interest rates starting at just 2.25%

Here’s a loan where the interest rate against your owner occupied (OO) home is discount, with an equivalent loading being put onto your investment property loan.

The overall interest rate is still very competitive, however, the real gain is that the non-deductible loan is reduced and the one that attracts a tax deduction is increased. The result is that you improve your cash flow by the value of the tax savings.

  • Owner occupied rates from 2.25%
  • Can have 100% offset account attached
  • Pay off your own home sooner whilst maximizing the deductions on the investment loan 
  • Can be used for existing properties or new purchases
  • Must have both an Owner Occupied and Investment property (either existing or being purchased)
  • Best O/O rate on the market

Here at MRD we like to go the ‘extra mile’ and develop strategies that will put money back into your pocket; money that you can use to reduce debt and amass assets quicker.

For a no obligation discussion about, and assessment of, your current loans, loan structure and future finance requirements, call 1300 883 854 or 0451 534 101 or leave your best contact details >>>here and we’ll call you.

Partnering with you for your investment success,

Nick Lockhart