How to save for your deposit sooner, faster.

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New data suggests a hard-saving couple will need ¹4.9 years to save a deposit for a median-priced house in one of the capital cities.

ABS shows the average weekly income is ²$1,608.40 ABS shows the average price of residential dwellings in Australia is ³$679,100.

So a 20% deposit for a $679,100 property is $136,000.

How many years would it take for you to get $136,000 together?

This podcast will give you:

• Very clear tactical plans, and steps. You’ll hear 4 specific ways to get your deposit together fast (not over years) and 5 strategies to have higher cash flow once you’re a property owner.

• Hope. Do not give up. Do not be despondent. Saving for a deposit is hard and disheartening. This podcast will get you back I the slipstream of feeling confident and on track with your goals.

• And you’ll hear case studies, about real, live people, who created financial success by bringing their experts together. You want to know, so you can follow their footsteps.

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