Listen Here: 5 ways to make it easier for Banks to say ‘YES’ to your loan.

Struggling with finance and need help? 5 ways to make it easier for Banks to say ‘YES’ to your loan.
With the recent changes in lending rules, it appears that many of you are struggling with finance and need help. What I’m hearing is:

• You can’t borrow more and don’t understand why.

• You're not sure if you are getting the best interest rate.

• You're confused about your loan structure and how to set it up correctly to allow you to keep building your portfolio.

• You’ve had bad advice.

If you want to buy now and continue to build your portfolio, you’ll need to understand finance, have a great team behind you and work with experienced Finance Strategists to get your deals over the line, time and time again.

We can help you grow your property portfolio, the scientific way.

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Nick Lockhart
Nick Lockhart is an acclaimed keynote speaker as well as Founder and Director of MRD Partners group. Nick's adult life, in one form or another has been spent encouraging others to not run from but to embrace the tough times as a catalyst for personal growth and success. Nick has had a positive impact on literally tens of thousands, many of those well on their way to complete financial independence. Nick is in his element when he is inspiring, mentoring and teaching safe and responsible finance and investment strategies.
You Said It Best

I have been working with MRD for about 7 years and have made 3 purchases through them. From the start, Nick has said to me, “We’re not here to make a quick sale and move on.” MRD are here to educate you and advise you. There’s no pressure to act a minute or a day before you’re ready. They’re there for you.
Joe S. - New South Wales

I have been working with MRD for 4 years now and have bought 3 properties through them. MRD came highly recommended by a friend who had been dealing with them. MRD is a one-stop-shop and their personalised service is key to what they do.
Val F. - South Australia

One of the greatest benefits of working with MRD is knowing that we are working towards being in a better position when the time comes to retire. MRD have opened our eyes to the bigger picture and I am now recommending MRD to both family and friends.
Carlos L - VIC