Leverage your superannuation

leverage your superannuation | Free Webinar


  • A type of 'secret weapon'
  • Enables us to magnify and fast track results
  • Is a tool, or aid, available to all, yet grossly underutilised by most

Most people have no idea how they might be able to leverage their superannuation and even less know what's involved or how doing so may benefit them.

ALL will be revealed in layman's terms with NO fancy jargon

Leverage - it's not just about investing!

Leverage, while generally associated with investing, will also drive greater success in many other areas.

Successful people leverage personal effort, past successes, relationships, skills and more.

Of course, the term 'leverage' is most often used in the context of 'investing' or finances. In this webinar we will focus on leveraging your superannuation.

Leveraging finances
You can, as most do, ignore the opportunity to leverage your finances. Unfortunately, over time, failing to leverage results in a massive opportunity-cost.

Passive income is earned without exerting ongoing effort (AKA working)!

People with passive incomes, not working by choice, in most cases are those who took advantage of responsibly leveraging when they had the opportunity to.

Are you paying bills and ‘getting by', or is your income delivering on all it's supposed to?

  • Ensuring a comfortable lifestyle
  • Achieving your life goals (and 'bucket list')
  • Allowing you to help the less fortunate
  • Self funding your life after work
  • Building an inheritance that you can leave for your children, and grandkids

Leveraging Superannuation

  • Many investors leverage their superannuation balances into the safety of bricks and mortar
  • Leveraging one’s superannuation is a strategy popular among investors eager to eliminate residual debt that would otherwise carry over into retirement

Proper advice

Everybody's situation is uniquely different. What works for one may, or may not, work for another.

Licenced advice should be sought before changing your superannuation investment arrangements.

Advice costs thousands of dollars but this webinar won’t. It will, however, empower you to determine if leveraging your superannuation is worth exploring further, or not.

It's 2017, how many more years of procrastination can you afford?

On the other side of this webinar will be the opportunity to have all your queries answered.

Who knows, February 2017 may be when you make your most profitable financial decisions that forever change your financial future, for the better.

How hungry are you to learn?

Become better informed to make financial choices.

Next week's short 40 minute webinar with Brendan and me will leave you better equipped to make informed decisions going forwards.

Get to know what your rights and obligations are when it comes your superannuation, how it’s invested and managed.

Webinar topics will include:

  • SMSF Compliance
  • Your involvement, and time commitment
  • Lending and bank restrictions
  • Cost vs. benefit analysis
  • Impact on insurance
  • Question and answers session
  • And much, much more

Brendan and I are really looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you next week; so go ahead and register now.

Partnering with you for your investment success,

Nick Lockhart