Long term property investing



You should be looking at your investment property as a long-term investment and you should not expect speedy short term capital gains. Real wealth gains are made over the long term.  Who knows for sure what a market will do in the short term (remember the GFC)?

The longer you can afford to hold an investment property the better, because as you build up equity in your property, you can consider leveraging off that and into another. If having one investment property, in time, allows you to own two and then those two allow you to leverage into three and four, you will experience the power of multiplication (rather than addition) of wealth.

We believe you really must speak with an expert from the outset to ensure you make responsible decisions that are in your best interest. You need the right property, for your circumstances, and the right loan with the right finance structure. You want to have confidence that the holding costs of your investment property are manageable, are using certain strategies, kept as low as possible and well suited to your circumstances. You are (or at least should be) in this for the long haul and taking the time to get things right in the first place just makes a whole lot of sense.

There are many, many (what we call) one per-centers on this page, however, there are many, many more that you will learn in time as you allow MRD to partner with you on your wealth creation journey.

Finding a company who will transact with you is easy, but finding one that will partner with you, through the good times and bad, and stick with you along the way is rare.

But guess what? You've just reached the bottom of this section and have found such a company. Hopefully by now you will have enough confidence to take the next step, which is to speak with us personally, ask questions and allow us to demonstrate our commitment to you.

We will respect you and never interrupt your desire to learn as a licence to sell to you. We understand that trust and respect are earned and we’d love the chance to earn yours.

Our favourite thing to do - as far as work is concerned - is speaking with veteran and new investors alike about their goals and suitable strategies for reaching them.

Contact MRD today to begin a conversation about what you would like to achieve and let’s see whether or not we are able to assist and add value for you. At the very least it’ll be nice to hear from you.

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