Making your property attractive to renters

An investment property is just that; an investment property. You are in business and need to make decisions around your investment property very differently than you would your own home. Neutral colours and tones work best and bathrooms and toilets ought to be kept clean and simple. You may love gardens and fall in love with a property because of its beautiful garden. That’s great if you intend to live in that property, but if you’re putting a tenant in it is unlikely to end well. When you think investment property think low maintenance. Well presented but with minimum work in the gardens required will appeal to most tenants.

A property investor exercising all logic and zero emotions ahead of a investment property purchase is almost an endangered species; but that’s the ideal. Before investing in Westpac shares you wouldn't drive to all the branches and see if you like the look of the branches and how hard the staff worked. No, you look at the numbers and calculate risk and potential returns. It should be the same with an investment property - but will never quite be given we all live in homes and we are emotional creatures.

As far as is humanly possible don’t invest on emotions and you are likely to be more successful than most.


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