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My Property and Finance Strategy Deposit

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By making this payment, you agree to the engagement terms and conditions outlined in the engagement letter sent to you, and / or as seen below.

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Terms of conditions:

I/we have reviewed the information presented to us by MRD Partners.  Furthermore we understand the terms of this engagement and accept the offer to consult and prepare a Property & Finance Strategy and implementation with MRD Partners.

I/we understand that if I/we do not qualify at the financial assessment stage, no MRD Fee will be charged or a full refund will be forthcoming.

I/we acknowledge that on completion of My Property & Finance Strategy, I/we may choose to delay implementation until an agreed time or cease implementation with no refund of monies exchanged.

I/we acknowledge and agree to pay half of the fee applicable upfront and the balance of fee will be debited from my credit card upon completion and presentation of My Property & Finance Strategy.

I/we further understand that MRD Partners is paid a marketing and sales fee by the builder/developer as part of their marketing budget.

I/we hereby agree to the terms above and authorise MRD Partners Pty Ltd to proceed with any undertakings relevant to this engagement.

I/we further agree that we will provide the relevant and requested information to proceed with finance structuring and property strategy.

I/we understand that meeting time frames is an integral part of the settlement process and agree to adhere to all reasonable requests from MRD Partners and its representatives and external service providers to complete document signing in an efficient manner and attend scheduled adviser appointments as appropriate.

I/we acknowledge that MRD Partners will co-ordinate the services of the appropriate professionals to complete the implementation of My Property & Finance Strategy.

I/we understand that MRD Partners may pay a referral fee if I/we have been referred to MRD Partners

I/we understand the MRD Partners may receive a referral fee for referring me/us to an independent service provider.

I/we acknowledge that MRD Partners and its representatives DO NOT provide specific or personal tax, legal or financial planning advice including the establishment of or investment into a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. 

I/we acknowledge that MRD Partners Group provide general gearing strategies for investment into direct real estate that includes gearing with the purpose of acquiring a larger investment base upon which to achieve growth and I/we will seek the appropriate professional advice prior to any investment.

I/we request that MRD Partners commences its service of engagement and I agree to pay the set fee of $1980 (inclusive of GST), the first half upfront ($990) to activate the service and the balance at presentation of My Property & Finance Strategy.