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Raising children and paying off a home are two huge expenditure commitments most families face.

But it’s the 30 years of unfunded retirement waiting to sting you when you stop working that is your biggest liability.

Property investors, like share market traders, also want, and deserve, a tailored strategic plan

  • Until now, it’s been virtually impossible for a property investor to have someone help them to develop a strategic plan.
  • Financial planners steer them to the stock market, even suggesting they sell some or all of their investment properties so the money can be invested into other asset classes, at times.
  • So how does a property investor gain help to find their way through the financial maze  that includes current budgets, Kid’s education, vacations (maybe?), gas electricity, motor vehicle and so on?
  • It’s no wonder just about everyone, except for between 2% and 5% of the population have their financial focus on survival, not growth, with no real plan in place.
  • MRD has developed a Property and Finance strategic Plan to support our clients get, and stay, on track.

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The MRD Property and Finance strategic Plan

Koray Kay is MRD’s Senior Property Strategist and is available to meet you, or you and your partner, in your home to talk about your situation, your goals and aspirations. He will look at your current situation and identify anywhere where we believe we could value add to your wealth creation efforts.

When asked, most people say that their biggest financial burden is either their mortgage or the cost of raising their children.

Yes, they certainly are significant costs that need to be addressed. However they pale when compared with the 30 yrs of an unfunded retirement that face more than 9.5 homes out of 10.

A 30 year unfunded retirement is your greatest liability

A no complimentary and obligation meet and greet with Koray Kay would allow MRD to determine whether or not we can assist you further at this time. It will also give you the insight into the depth of value we are able to add to your arrangements.

  • Pay less tax
  • Pay off your home loan quickly
  • Plug the retirement shortfall hole
  • Develop a property and finance strategic plan

Here’s an opportunity to ask questions and develop relationship with one of MRD’s team of experts.
Make a time to meet Koray.

Call 1300 883 854 or 0451 534 100 or contact us >>> here today to arrange for your private one, or two, on one consultation with Koray.
Partnering with you for your investment success,
Nick Lockhart

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