Research has and always will be the cornerstone from which a diversified investment property portfolio should be built. All too often major decisions are clouded by negative perceptions, misinformation and unsupported claims.

Markets change and adapt constantly, so it’s great to know that MRD is closely watching for property investment opportunities as they emerge. It’s the time and effort that MRD puts into reading the property markets that makes your investment decision that much easier.

Property Investment Locations

Today's property investor needs to have greater flexibility to invest where and when the best opportunities are rather than being limited to what is local or familiar. This way, the property investor who has a geographically diverse portfolio will dramatically deduce risk, and at the same time take full advantage of much better investing opportunities available.

Property Investment Types

When a property investors portfolio contains different types of property, they are able to take advantage of the unique benefits that each possesses. A house may perform better in one area while an apartment may perform better in another. Some property investments get higher rents and are easier to hold while other properties get lower rents but higher capital growth.

Complete Investment Research & Advice

Whatever your experience level, research plays the most important role in property investing.  You must have access to up-to-date, accurate and objective research materials.  MRD provides clients with reliable, impartial, and solid investment research and advice within Australia.

The aim of MRD is to share our specialist knowledge and extensive experience so that our clients can make informed and financially sound property investment decisions.

We constantly produce research reports covering key indicators including market analysis, demographic and target market analysis, economic indicators, etc.

The MRD Investing Criteria

The number one motivation behind an investment property should always be to buy an income-producing asset. One which will provide you with an ongoing income stream/rental income, tax deductions and fundamentally a significant increase in your 'net worth' (the capital growth). You should never let your emotions be part of your property investment strategy. This is a recipe for disaster.

A client will sit down with a property mentor, learn, be motivated to begin, and then purchase an investment property recommended by the mentor sight unseen. This is why the MRD research department puts so much effort into selecting the 'best properties' in the 'best locations' so all you have to do is relax knowing you are in safe hands.

A savvy investor would not buy a property around the corner just so they can do a 'drive by' and check on 'it! A savvy property investor wouldn't buy an investment and hope it provides them with great returns. They contact MRD because we do the extensive research and buy where the potential is greatest. This is what we do best!

The MRD Research Criteria:

  • It must be new - to qualify for full depreciation
  • Highest growth area
  • Excellent transport facilities- close to schools - close to parks and playgrounds
  • Good valuation
  • Must have a high capital growth potential
  • The highest building standards - We only choose the best
  • Close proximity to shopping and shopping centres
  • Excellent employment
  • Good vacancy rate

To see the selection of properties that MRD has researched and currently offers to property investors, please click here.