Property vs Real Estate - Do You Know The Difference?

property vs real estate.jpg

must attend free seminar for anyone interested in creating wealth through real estate

Please join us for this free live event, where we will share a wealth of knowledge on crucial investing topics including:

  • The key differences between property and real estate.

  • How real estate can help you create an additional income stream.

  • How to protect, improve and grow your family’s financial position without cutting back on your lifestyle.

  • Why location, location location can be a myth if you are investing.

  • How to minimise tax and maximise your income through ATO rebates.

  • How to use these tax savings to clear the family mortgage faster without increasing your loan repayments.

WHERE: Royal Pines Resort, Ross Street, Benowa


EVENT: 6pm - 7pm

NOTE: Complimentary light refreshments and free parking for all attendees.

This event changed the way we thought about property.
— Roger & Lynda G, Clayfield, QLD