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I’m bringing the PPC to Sydney

Our daughter Tash Lockhart last night made it through her Super Battle round on The Voice and is now one of just 16 people who will be in the Live Final Shows from next Monday 13th June.

Click here to see Tash’s Super Battle (and coach’s comments) last night
Yes, as a family we are all very proud of Tash’s achievement so far; but let me bring this back to you.

  • Success principals are the same; in sport, music, business, relationships and investing
  • People who reach elite levels are mentored by coaches

I’m sending this to you because you live in Sydney and as the first Live Final show will be filmed at Fox Studios next Monday 13th June, I’ll be in town.

I’m arriving Saturday and staying until Thursday and will have limited time to meet with and demonstrate the PPC to you; or discuss other relevant topics with you.
You are welcome to have a casual catch up with me, I’d be happy to put an hour or two aside; subject to how much time I have available when you respond. 

While I host webinars, speak at information sessions, communicate through my writings (emails and books etc.), what I enjoy most of all is when I get to have a coffee with a couple (or a single person) one on one and get to know them and hear about their journey to see where we can be a support.

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In the context of the opportunity to meet with me people sometimes ask:

“What does Nick want to talk about”?

But it’s not what I want to talk about, it’s what topics of discussion are going to help you at this time?

Aside from seeing the PPC reveal what your future could look like financially under different scenarios, I’m happy to talk about whatever is currently on your mind.

  • You have a property portfolio and are unsure about transitioning to retirement
  • Taxation (and how to get more back this year)
  • The proposed changes announced in the recent federal budget
  • Property markets
  • Banking and finance legislative changes
  • Self-managed superannuation
  • Your next investment property purchase
  • Matters concerning tenants or rental agents
  • Etc.

I guess from a lot of experience over a long time the biggest area of help I can offer most people, older and younger, seasoned investor or first timer, is strategy!
A good strategy is needed to underpin all that we do, if we are to have the best possible success, but before we get that far I have to address areas of confusion and/or concern.

Perhaps you would like to meet and have me demonstrate the PPC and/or talk about whatever is on your mind, or maybe we’ve never met in person and you would like to.

I have limited available time between this Saturday evening (11 June) and next Thursday morning (16 June).

Complete this form to nominate your preferred times to meet with me

I’m from Sydney and so will be spending time with family while there. It’s therefore likely I won’t get to meet with everyone who makes a request, so I apologise in advance if I cannot see you.

Have a great week and please help us secure as many VOTES as possible for Tash Lockhart after each of her performances in the Live Finals of The Voice; thanks.

Warm regards,

Nick Lockhart