Road Trip - Sydney

"Small minds talk about other people; average minds talk about events but BIG minds talk about ideas"

On Thursday 16th May I begin my next round of travel to meet with valued MRD clients around the country.

Second stops are Sydney or Canberra and I'm inviting Sydney & Canberra clients to meet with me to discuss ideas that will help you on your investment journey.

My schedule thus far is as follows:

  • One-on-one private appointment in Sydney between Tuesday 14th and Monday 20th July
  • One-on-one private appointment in Canberra between Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23th July
  • N.B. Other Cities and dates still to be announced; see below to register your interest

My meetings and one-on-one appointments are void of any hard sell - that's not how we conduct ourselves.

13 year track record

Having successfully mentored thousands of individuals and couples for over 13 years now I know that regardless of how good or bad your current financial situation is, I can add value.

And it was at the request of separate existing MRD clients in Sydney & Canberra that prompted me to make NSW my Second stop.

Other cities are being arranged based on demand from clients so be sure to 'speak up' if you'd like me to visit your city.

Guess what - I can't make you rich overnight or promise that you will retire financially secure. But by taking a sober look at your current position and exploring responsible options available to you, there is a pretty good chance that in five or 10 years from now you will be significantly better off and perhaps well on your way to financial independence.

I will have with me Mark Candy, MRD's licenced financial adviser, who by legislation must (and should anyway) at all times act in the best interest of any client.

For all details secure a one-on-one private appointment with Mark and me in Sydney & Canberra between Thursday July 16th and Thursday July 23RD, click on the following links:



Some additional point to consider

  • Even property investors need a financial plan prepared by a licenced financial adviser; why should that be limited to those who invest in equities?
  • I don't like hype or sales gimmicks any more than you... and you won't get any from me - that's a promise!
  • You will take away new knowledge and gain insights that (if applied) will add value to your family’s financial success plans
  • These two events and subsequent one-on-one private appointments are cost and obligation free

Still unsure? Listen to what others that have 'gone before you' have said of their MRD experience by clicking here

Opportunity Knocks

Finally, some straight talk about RESPONSIBLE wealth creation…

For 13 years I have offered sound investment strategies, the latest market research, quality properties, and professional ongoing support and mentoring. And to add further potency we're now a full financial services firm delivering sound strategy for wealth creation utilising the full spectrum of financial services. This basically means there isn't much we don’t do - from superannuation, SMSFs, Insurances to property investment, finance and mentoring.

So from your perspective, a one-on-one appointment with MRD's financial adviser, Mark Candy, and me is opportunity because we are happy to freely share our knowledge with you. For us it's also opportunity. Opportunity to earn your trust and start (or continue) to build a long-term partnership.

Take advantage of my offer and experience for yourself The MRD Way. But don't just take my word for it, listen to others say by clicking here.

A one-on-one 60 to 90 minute appointment with Mark and me is your chance to discuss anything you like about your current financial situation and your future plans to create wealth.

This is cost and obligation free and while we are very professional, it'll still be a casual-styled catch up.

Here's are some of the ideas other MRD clients have said they wanted to take away from their one-on-one appointments:

  • The opportunity to spend quality time with one of Australia’s most experienced residential property investors and ethical property mentors
  • To discover which property markets have moved and which markets are in catch up
  • Help to propel their investments or get off to a flying start better understanding of what's involved in completing a roadmap to their financial freedom
  • Is residential property the best investment option and what are the alternatives
  • To hear personal experiences and anecdotes from someone who is actually ‘walking-the walk’ with the ‘runs on the board’
  • To discover how investing in property using ‘The MRD Way’ differs from other approaches
  • How to save thousands of dollars off their mortgage and pay off their home quicker
  • Help with defining and developing personal goals and objectives
  • Legitimate ways taxes can be used to afford investment property and build wealth
  • How to get started in property investing without using any cash
  • What levels of risk protection are appropriate and what is simply 'overkill'
  • How to protect one's assets (and thus family) from the unexpected
  • Superannuation! The rules and the pros and cons of industry funds vs. retail funds vs. self managed funds (SMSFs)
  • Ways of transitioning to retirement and when and how to effectively draw down on your superannuation
  • and of course so much more!



Listen to what others that have 'gone before you' have said of their MRD experience by clicking here.

Looking forward to meeting up with you around the country and continuing to partner with you on your investment journey,

Nick Lockhart.

Don't just take our word for it...