About MRD Partners

NO Hype, No ridiculous promises, No Nonsense, REAL Partnership on your journey to building wealth responsibly. 
We give you the freedom to choose your future.
Our goal is to give you the ability to build long term wealth for your family’s future.

As experts in building property investment portfolios, our approach is to treat your property investments like a business. Most importantly, our approach is to treat you like a partner.

We teach you to invest the smart way; with the least amount of risk possible.

We help you learn the simple way so that you can grow the right way.

At the end of the day we’re here to assist you. Think of us like your personal assistant in property; helping you, advising you, researching for you and looking out for you.
That’s the MRD way.  

MRD was founded in 2002 by Nick Lockhart.
Nick Lockhart
Founder — MRD Partners | 20 Year Property Mentor | Speaker | Author

Nick is an acclaimed keynote speaker as well as Founder and Director of MRD Partners Group. Nick's adult life has been spent encouraging others to not run from but to embrace the tough times as a catalyst for personal growth and success. Nick has had a positive impact on literally tens of thousands of people; many of those are well on their way to complete financial independence. Nick is in his element when he is inspiring, mentoring and teaching safe and responsible finance and investment strategies.

MRD was developed to educate, empower and assist property investors throughout their investment journey, offering sound investment strategies, the latest market research, quality properties, and professional, ongoing support.
Since then we've grown to be full financial services firm delivering sound strategy for wealth creation utilising the full spectrum of financial services.  

We provide to our clients:
• Property Investment Options
• Property Acquisition
• Superannuation
• Finance
• Insurances
• Financial Planning
• Education and Mentoring