Nick Lockhart

Nick Lockhart - Founder And Managing Director Of MRD
MRD Partners Managing Director, Nick Lockhart

MRD Partners Managing Director, Nick Lockhart

Nick Lockhart is an acclaimed keynote speaker as well as founder and director of Mentoring, Research & Development Pty Ltd; the first entity in the MRD Partners group.

Nick's adult life, in one form or another, has been spent encouraging others to not run from but embrace the tough times as a catalyst to personal growth and success.

Nick has had a positive impact on literally tens of thousands, many of those being personal clients well on their way to complete financial independence.

Nick is in his element when he is inspiring, mentoring and teaching safe and responsible finance and investment strategies.

Soon after marrying Katrina in 1986 Nick spent some years as the Pastor of a Christian Church he pioneered.
This was followed by 10 successful years in business, before finding his real passion, after learning how to invest in property the right way, and has for the past 15 Years inspired and taught others the same; via his live events, webinars and informative newsletters.
“People will tell you a thing can't be done... But when the dream's big enough 'the facts' simply don’t count”
Nick Lockhart
Nick is a result driven presenter and mentoring expert who specialises in investment techniques, finance and economics topics with a high degree of personal development and motivation woven through each of his presentations.

His focus is strategic partnerships with clients, helping them pay off their homes (and investment properties) in record time, minimising their tax liability and reducing debt to build wealth faster and retire on a comfortable and self funded income.

Author of 'Property Investing in the Post GFC World' and 'The Insidery Guide To Property Investing' and well over 500 educational blogs, Nick is a born communicator with an uncanny way of taking difficult to understand concepts and explaining them in a way that anybody can easily understand. He's a popular speaker that others enjoy listening to - but more importantly - learning from.
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