If you fail to are planning to fail

No matter what stage of life you are at, setting goals now and planning ahead will prepare you for any opportunities and obstacles that appear along the way.

For most mature people, the greatest fear is that they will live longer than their money will last. Fear of poverty is the number one fear from which the majority of people suffer. Sadly, so very few take any action to prevent poverty or are blissfully unaware and ignorant of what the future holds for them.

The starting point of the road that leads to financial security is desire and action. Most people wish for financial security, but very few have a definite plan and burning desire, which paves the road to wealth.

Set ‘n’ Forget for busy people

MRD clients are everyday Australians who recognise the potential of investing in property, but simply don’t have the time to develop their financial strategy, locate hotspots, identify the best property, arrange the necessary loans and paperwork, and find a suitable tenant.

MRD developed Set ‘n’ Forget for busy people™ for anyone wanting to achieve their financial goals.

In consultation with you, MRD propose an appropriate strategy, then gets to work on your behalf sourcing the best property investment, helping you create a financial structure that will enable you to own several income-producing property investments before you retire.

MRD will also help you configure your property investment (or investments) so you are able to pay off any mortgage on your own home faster, potentially saving thousands of dollars in interest repayments.

Developed for Property Investing

The aim for clients using the MRD Set ‘n’ Forget for busy people™ system is to develop a property investment strategy that will allow you to look forward to a financially worry-free retirement with minimum effort or change to your lifestyle along the way.

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