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    Nick Lockhart
     Acclaimed keynote speaker as well as Founder
     and Director of MRD Partners. Nick has had a
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And in details, we’ll look at the 5 biggest predictions of how cryptocurrency and property will merge in 2018.

This podcast will give you:

More Regulation
It’s the start of the end. I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me. The romance of open source and public ledger of cryptocurrencies (which makes it ‘unhackable’) will start to get squeezed as there will be more and more regulation.

30-Day Settlement Gone
And how (when) that starts to occur, the 30 days to a settlement that we’ve been accustomed to for the last two to three decades will vanish in an instant. The future of property settlement will become instantaneous. Done. Finished. Completed. In a day.

Bitcoin exchange-traded fund
Analysts also expect regulators will approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund in the second half of this year, or in early 2019. For this to occur, it needs to be fully regulated. Naturally, renegade derivatives will spring up in response, in an attempt to keep it in open source.

Property and Cryptocurrency
How property of the future will be bought with cryptocurrency, totally squeezing the banks out (again, in theory).

Heart-dropping price drops
There’s going to be heart-dropping price drops, before building again. And your phone will literally blow up with an oversupply of cryptocurrency hype.

You Said It Best

I have been working with MRD for about 7 years and have made 3 purchases through them. From the start, Nick has said to me, “We’re not here to make a quick sale and move on.” MRD are here to educate you and advise you. There’s no pressure to act a minute or a day before you’re ready. They’re there for you.
Joe S. - New South Wales

I have been working with MRD for 4 years now and have bought 3 properties through them. MRD came highly recommended by a friend who had been dealing with them. MRD is a one-stop-shop and their personalised service is key to what they do.
Val F. - South Australia

One of the greatest benefits of working with MRD is knowing that we are working towards being in a better position when the time comes to retire. MRD have opened our eyes to the bigger picture and I am now recommending MRD to both family and friends.
Carlos L - VIC