Time to speak to an Expert

What many people don’t realise is that there is a tried and true strategy for ordinary wage earners to become part of the 4% who are financially secure or even the 1% who are wealthy. We call it the MRD way.


Ensuring you have the right help along the way...

For example, how do you find the right rental property and ensure it’s acquired through a sound business approach?

You also need to understand what rate of return is best for you, how to achieve it and whether it falls within your safety margin.

MRD has written this guide as the first step in your lifelong journey to financial freedom, but we’d also like the opportunity to find out if we can take that journey together and provide you with the educational tools to make it much easier. This is the MRD way.

You can start this either through an initial complimentary consultation or by attending one of our regular information sessions.

You’ll not only receive a wealth of extra information, including a detailed explanation of the Gross Yield Formula, you’ll also be shown the MRD way to financial freedom.

This is an obligation-free offer and may set you on the path to achieving your goals.

This guide is part of a suite of mentoring and education resources produced by MRD designed to help investors safely and responsibly find their way to financial freedom.


Throughout this report we’ve discussed setting goals, educating yourself to the market, and having the right strategy. We’ve also talked about the process being a journey, and the importance of having the right ‘skipper’ or ‘mentor’ to help you along this path.

…I’m not much of a reader and it is only a short, plain English book; but I’m still impressed I read it cover to cover in one sitting. I stopped only to get a fresh beer and text a friend encouraging him to read the book after me.

Your book was very informative and fact based and it left me feeling excited and positive that I’ve embarked on a smart investment path. I’m very excited about learning more.
— Trent A - QLD