Understanding the property market


There are many market factors that come into play when looking to invest in property and it is important that you do your research, or partner with someone who does.

MRD Partners provide detailed and factual research reports that do the legwork for you to be able to make an informed decision. MRD Research Reports access independent information from credible sources such as RP Data, Australian Property Monitors, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Local Councils and other Government Websites, Official Public Project Proposals, Media Outlets, Valuers and more. Our finished property research reports supply information such as average rents, property values, sale and auction data, geopolitical information, demographics data, suburb overviews and much more.

Development and growth are always happening around us and it is important to take this external geographical information into consideration. This information could be crucial in ascertaining whether or not your property will be affected positively or negatively by different external factors.  For example, a major construction or demolition close to your property may impact on the rental price the market will pay; negatively at first while works are being carried out but then positively once the works have been completed. A bypass to divert traffic away from where your property is located could mean tenants seeking a quiet neighbourhood may be willing to pay more than they would have had the bypass not been constructed. This would in turn feed into values and potentially speed up the pace of your capital growth.


See also, the MRD Property Market Reports for detailed information on areas of investment interest. 


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