Is this you, what do you think?

Is this you, what do you think?

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Life is an unfolding journey and while you’re living in the present, you’re designing your future.

Everything around you, all of the conveniences you rely upon, were once dreams or visions in people’s minds.

Life before mobile phones (let alone smart phones) and the internet was very different. The ideas and dreams of people exist before those things that radically reshaped the future and how we live.

Ponder this

The dreams of one man, Steve Jobs, resulted in Apple Computers, the mouse, Pixar and animated movies, the iPhone and iPad etc.

What do you think might be possible if you let your mind lose on the right kind of thoughts? Surely, at least a huge impact on your own future.

Your mind is a weapon

In his book titled ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill says:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” 

Your life as it is today - your realities - are the product of your past thoughts.

And in exactly the same way, whether or not you realise (or believe) it; thoughts you conceive and believe today, consciously or otherwise, shape your belief system and your future.

Your mind is a powerful weapon, so for the safety of you and those around you, learn how to handle and use it wisely.

Seed thoughts

Thoughts are seeds… but seeds grow.

Northern Californian Redwood trees, known as Giant Sequoias, grow to more than 76 meters high and approximately 9 meters in diameter; yet those trees were once seeds.

What your life looks like in the future, and how you will live, has everything to what you are believing today.

What do you think of money?

What’s your attitude (or belief system) towards money and wealth?

That’s an important question because the true answer will determine your future.

Perhaps unconsciously you believe you don’t deserve to be wealthy, or that money is evil.

A famous bible misquote we hear often is that ‘money is the root of all evil’. That is so incorrect. The verse in 1 Timothy 6:10 reads as follows:

"For the love of money is the root of all evil..."

It’s the love of money that causes problems for people who are broke, very rich or anywhere in between.

At MRD we’re interested in partnering with you to create long term wealth for your family’s future.
That means our partnering with some people may involve addressing their belief systems in order to assist them to change their outcomes.

Above, when you read the title of Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, did you squirm a little? Did it somehow seem wrong? If so, I suggest there may be an underlying belief system holding you back.

Australian aged pension rates in 2016

The current FULL aged pension rates (incl. pension and energy supplements) are $22,721 p/a for a single person and for a couple $34,252 p/a; so it’s fair to say that every Australian should be focused throughout their working lives on making more money.

Be a blessing to others

Some say they have plenty for their retirement. Good, then go and make a whole lot more so you can be a blessing to those that don’t. There’s plenty of displaced and/or impoverished people in this world who would appreciate some support.

Taking Action

Of course it’s not enough to just believe something, you must take affirmative action, however, a strong belief system generally causes us to do just that. In other words, if you don’t really believe something you won’t take action.

Your mind is infinitely many times more powerful than the computer or smartphone you are reading this on right now, so take great care with the thoughts you conceive and process in it as these will play a large part in your success or demise.

Is this you?

Are you able to be a positive person who faces life with a winning attitude; assured that you will overcome difficulties that comes your way?

YES? If so, this will help you to develop great character and create success and happiness.

NO? If not, it’s time to read personal development books (especially autobiographies of people who have won in the face of great adversity). These will begin to reprogramme how your mind thinks and will bring about change for the better. There’s an offer below for me to give you one.

Your attitude to money plays a big part in how much of it you will have. Unless you believe that you deserve to be wealthy you probably never will be. And, if you’re lucky enough to come into a large sum of money, without the right belief system, you’ll probably lose it within five years.

How can MRD help?

If what you’ve been doing is not working and you need to do some things differently, contact us for a no obligation conversation

As experts in property and finance, we have been assisting people all over Australia for 14 years now to grow their wealth and improve their outcomes.

We assist in many ways, including:

  • Mentoring and education for those that need it before considering investing
  • Developing personalised property investment and finance strategies
  • Paying down your own home more quickly and saving thousands in interest
  • Sourcing the right boutique investment properties that fit an investor’s personal strategy
  • Sourcing finance for the purchase of property, vehicles, equipment etc
  • Refinancing to better loans (e.g. the 2.5% own home loan offer to investors as recently promoted)
  • Introducing you to the right books to help you personally grow from where you are now. For a complimentary copy of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, see below.

So regardless of where on your journey you are right now, let us know how we can partner with and assist you to move forward, by contacting us online or calling 1300 883 854.
Use the same contact details above to request a complimentary copy of ‘Think and Grow Rich’.
Partnering with you for your investment success,
Nick Lockhart
PS: Attention Brisbane residents! To read about my live event on April 11th go here.