Your Free Christmas Gift


As a gift to a small number of people this year we’re offering the most valuable gift we can – our proven expertise


Yes, No strings. Nothing to buy. No selling involved.

We’d like to give you a:

FREE one on one session, face to face or via a web link, where I will help you to build a property plan address your major investment pain point(s), highlight what you’re already doing well and look at strategies to improve cash flow, reduce your tax and pay off your home faster.

N.B. This is great value at the regular price of $1,980! But I'm just giving it away FREE of charge!

Sadly, there is a catch… I only have time to give 5 away this year - so you might miss out if you don’t act now

act now

Book your preferred time to meet with me below and we'll confirm if you were one of the first five or not.