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Our goal is to give you the ability to build long term wealth for your family's future.
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Our History


MRD was founded in 2002 by Nick Lockhart

Nick spent some years as the Pastor of a Christian Church he pioneered. This was followed by ten successful years in business, before finding his real passion - learning how to invest in property the right way.



While others in the real estate and property sectors were merely looking for the next transaction, we sort to offer our clients long-term partnership. We do this by educating, supporting, empowering and partnering with our clients. This soon became The MRD Way.



We emphasise the importance of strategy and treating property investing as a business and, to date, the MRD Team has assisted clients into real estate investments over 900 times. In almost 400 cases, these are either repeat clients or clients who were referred to us by others who have experienced The MRD Way personally.



Nick has had a positive impact on literally tens of thousands of people, many of those being personal clients well on their way to complete financial independence.


The MRD Way

The MRD Way is still alive and thriving, equipping investors all over Australia.

Nick Lockhart

Nick Lockhart launched MRD in May 2002. He wanted to create a business model that focussed first on the strategic needs of property investors, not where the next sale would come from, along with ongoing assistance via a partnership with experienced strategists - long after your property settlement occurs.

From his own lived experiences, Nick concluded that if people actually understood the long term benefits of owning real estate, and they were shown how to invest in property safely and responsibly, they 'jump in' - if they had the financial capacity to do so.

Thus the investment roadblocks have more to do with people's lack of knowledge and fear of making mistakes than poor 'sales techniques'.

The 'MRD DNA' (we refer to this as The MRD Way) is not to sell to, but partnering with, you and offer:
M - mentoring to fill the knowledge gap
R - research of both your situation as well as various property markets
D - development both personally and of residential houses

Nick teaches that real estate investing is a business and you will enjoy greater success if you approach investing with the mindset of a businessman / woman.

Personal growth should complement the growth in the value of your real estate portfolio and that's what partnering with MRD is all about.

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