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Helping our clients build long term wealth through real estate.
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Partnering with you

We partner with you to help you build long-term wealth through property investment.

Long term strategy

We work with you to develop a strategy personalised for your individual circumstances and goals.

Trusted since 2002

We have helped over 900 clients build wealth through property since 2002.

How MRD Can Help You Build a Property Investment Portfolio

We partner with you for the purpose of helping you build long-term wealth through real estate. Firstly, we ascertain your current position, we call this 'My Starting Point.'

From there we gain an understanding of your goals, your aspirations, commitments and previous experiences.

We then work with you to develop a strategy that will enable you to responsibly use the right kind of debt to leverage into property to build wealth.

Unlike other real estate companies we don't start with a property and find a buyer.

We start with an individual and once we have developed a strategy, we then source the property(s) that fits it.

MRD was developed to educate, empower and assist property investors throughout their investment journey.We will offer you sound investment strategies, the latest market research, quality properties, and professional, ongoing support.

"I have found MRD's mentoring, property research and VIP offers the most useful. The greatest benefit of using MRD is their professionalism, honesty and the way they build business relationships with their clients.

I have recommended four other friends who have also started building their investment portfolio through MRD."

Steve B


"I like that MRD keeps me up to date with useful information and I would recommend MRD to others because they’re so easy to deal with and also because of the quality information they provide about the properties they have researched.

I love the MRD structure - they don’t just look at ‘the now’ they have your future in mind.

Joe S

New South Wales

"I have been working with MRD for about seven years and have made three purchases through them.

The greatest benefit I’ve found in dealing with MRD is that they take the time to understand you as a person and more importantly, your personal situation.

MRD are here to educate you and advise you. There’s no pressure to act a minute or a day before you’re ready."

Greg D

Western Australia

"My wife and I started mentoring with MRD just over three years ago after a recommendation from a friend.

We have found the mentoring process key to understanding the basics of investing and also necessary to help set our minds on what we need to do to set up our future personal economic situation.

MRD have opened our eyes to the bigger picture and I am now recommending MRD to both family and friends."

Carlos L


"We were introduced to MRD through an acquaintance and have been working with MRD for almost 11 years now.

I can give you nothing but good feedback. I have dealt with Martin & Nick who are both professional and provide a great level of service.

I have purchased five properties through MRD and recommend them to family and friends."

Don A


"A family friend told me about MRD and I have now been working with MRD since 2009.

So far, my experience has been straightforward. MRD have made investing very uncomplicated by educating and enabling me to understand the benefits of property investment.

I find that if something is relatively easy, you are more likely to do it. I have purchased three properties since 2009 and I recommend MRD to my family and friends."

Jonathan E

New South Wales

"MRD came highly recommended by a friend who had been dealing with them. It’s always daunting when you’re not familiar with this type of investment strategy so it was good to get a recommendation from somebody I trusted.

I have been working with MRD for four years now and have bought three properties through them.

MRD is a one-stop-shop and their personalised service is key to what they do."

Val F

South Australia

MRD Makes It Simple.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced investor, we have a solution for your needs.

"MRD gave me the opportunity to grow and make my decisions myself with no pressure whatsoever..."

Deb Bunter


At MRD, we will help you:

• Develop a personalised strategy

• Create achievable goals

• Use safe, de-risked investment methods

• By partnering with you for the long term

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