Traditionally in real estate agents start with a property listing and look for a buyer, but The MRD Way is the inversion of that.

We start with individuals who want to build real estate wealth and we work with them to develop a customised strategy that considers their individual circumstances, including income, current commitments, circumstances, goals, experiences, aspirations and so on.

Once we agree on the most appropriate strategy forward we will go to the market to source the real estate and property that best fits the plan. Our research moves from an analysis of your current position / starting point to the most appropriate dwelling type and location. There are many factors that need to be considered at this point, including which market, the entry price, rental yields and so on.

Subject to your unique circumstances, previous experiences and expectations for the future, we aim to find the most suitable investment property, right for you at this time.

We will assume that, like other investors, you are looking for a results driven investment that also delivers a 'sleep at night' factor. Contrary to what many think, it is very possible to secure an investment that will not negatively impact on your cash flow and lifestyle.

Our #1 priority is not to sell property! That takes care of itself if we get the rest right! Mentoring you around the WHY TO invest in real estate, and partnering with you to get the HOW TO bit done correctly is our focus.

The safe and responsible use of the right kind of borrowings allows you to leverage to achieve far more than you could by simply saving for your future. With our guidance, build the future that you want for you and your family. Step #1 is to speak with us about a sustainable investment strategy that's tailored for you. This is The MRD Way!

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