How Long Since Your Real Estate Portfolio Was Serviced?

Nick Lockhart
Nick Lockhart
August 20, 2021
Property Investment
How Long Since Your Real Estate Portfolio Was Serviced?

You take your car to a mechanic for servicing, and doing so makes the car run better, with more safety and on less fuel.

Whether or not they know it, real estate investors are business-owners and the effort they put into effectively running their business, determines its profit and success.

Who is your real estate ‘mechanic’, or do you assume you are still getting the best on offer today from your lenders... and that you will perfectly time re-entering the market?

Does your portfolio have the right mix of real estate, or could you be doing better?

Too many property investors fail to have a clearly defined investment strategy that they’re adhering to, thus poor results are not easily identified. Of those who do have a strategy, they tend not to review things regularly enough.

Having Your CAKE and EATING IT

Typically, when I ask investors what’s more important to them - Equity or Cash Flow - they tell me that they want both! They want the ‘best of both worlds’.

Until recently, that wasn’t really possible. A property that delivered more cash flow, almost always would be expected to deliver less capital growth, and vice versa.

Only because of a commitment to keep ‘looking outside the box’ have we found solutions for a very wide range of real estate investors.

Manufacturing Equity:

For sophisticated investors with high borrowing capacities, we're manufacturing equity. Starting with an older home on a block near Brisbane's CBD, we lift and renovate that home and build another dwelling under it (making it a dual living home). We add either two or three townhouses to the rear and subdivide the finished product.

There are big profits, and great cash flow, around these. All we be explained to those who qualify and those this offer is relevant to.

Manufacturing Cash Flow:

For others who may not qualify to get involved in a small Brisbane development, we are building brand new homes in major Australian capital cities, specialty-built so as to deliver an 8% rental yield!

In layman’s terms, an 8% yield equals about $400 a week cash flow positive (plus or minus $50- subject to your income), after costs and assuming you borrow everything (incl. Stamp duty etc.).

Therefore, for those who qualify, know this!

We are living through unusual times, in many ways. Real Estate offers something quite special at this time, however, as people flee to transfer their wealth from the banks and stock markets, before they soon crash (as many, including me expect).

If ever you thought about buying real estate, now is a great time to get serious with that thought!

Step One:

The first, and responsible, thing to do is to establish your borrowing capacity to see what may be possible. Book in for a 15 min. Complimentary chat with James to arrange this

Step Two:

Once we establish how the lenders will view you, I’ll invite you into a strategy session with me, where we will unearth your goals, experiences, concerns, fears, expectations and so on.

Why 2021?

I am confident in our ability to help you to achieve your real estate goals. It’s hard to do anything consistently for a quarter of a century and not learn lots.

As you would imagine, two and a half decades investing and teaching others to do the same, has made us ‘street-smart’. If I could wind back the clock, knowing what I now know (incl. of governments), I would do some things differently; but we can only learn and look forward and I think our combined experiences put us up there as being very qualified to assist.


As an educator and mentor, it’s a privilege pouring myself into helping those who see value in me doing so. Ultimately, those who achieve more are the ones who draw from our many years of experience, assisting thousands of individuals with a variety of unique and/or challenging circumstances to overcome.

Equally, what I don’t love are pushy-salesmen. MRD was founded on the concept of teaching, not selling. By empowering you to make great investment decisions, chances are you'll buy.

‘Bad’ Loans:

If you have had a loan for more than two years, perhaps less, it’s probable that we will be able to find you an alternate product to save you money!

We will apply the ‘don't judge a book by it's cover’ principle. That is, many loan product-offers come with a 'sting-in-the-tail', once you are out of an initial ‘honeymoon period’. It’s important that we identify what will be the best loan product on offer for you long-term; with consideration to interest rates, flexibility and other ‘fine-print’ details.

Finding the right loan product for your home loan and investment purchases is just as difficult to work out as is which health insurer or mobile phone company do you go with.

To book in with James and have your finances ‘serviced’, use this link

For anything else, let us know what your need, question or request is via this link here

Have an amazing week and I look forward to chatting with those ready to take affirmative action.

Nick Lockhart

Nick Lockhart

MRD Property Expert
Nick is the Founder of MRD. Nick is in his element when he is inspiring, mentoring and teaching safe and responsible finance and investment strategies.

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How Long Since Your Real Estate Portfolio Was Serviced?

August 20, 2021
You take your car to a mechanic for servicing, and doing so makes the car run better, with more safety and on less fuel.

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